17 Free online Fax Services

Send an email to fax machine
1. FaxZero – Fax any .DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF file.
2. GotFreeFax
It offer easy way to add sender and receiver info ( NAme, company, Fax, email). Best online free fax service.
3. My Fax
Its provide own personal local or tall free fax number. You can easily store/save faxes. provide choice to set country and fax number.
4. Fax Free
Upload and send any internet based files (HTML, XML, XSL) or text files (TXT, RTF). It also accept image format (TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPG) & print file formats (PCL, EPS, PS).
5. hello fax – Receive and send fax anywhere. It offer secure cloud storage, edit & sign faxes etc.
6. PamFax
It is fully integrated with Skype. IT also provide add-ons for outlook and zimbra. You can easily send and receive fax from Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive and Box.
7. Send2Fax – Free Internet Faxing.
8.FreePopFax – Another Free Fax service.
9. BestFreeFax – Send a Fax for free. It provide rich text editor.
10. FaxOrama – It also provide Fax application for Android and iPhones.
11. TopFreeFax – Offer multiple file upload.
12. eFax – 30 day free trial.
13. K7.net – K7.net provide free phone number. You can easily receive faxes and voice messages using this number.
14. nextivaFax – Offer free trial.
15. Wonterfax (UK only) – Free fax service.
16. SmartFax – Free 30 day Trial.
17. Messagenet – 90 day free trial. Send and receive faxes with email and web.

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