8 Best Free PHP Testing Tools

These open source PHP unit testing frameworks are very useful to test web applications. You can test anything that has the potential to break.

PHP Unit Testing frameworks


PHPUnit – Most popular and best PHP unit testing framework.


Codeception is a PHPUnit powered modern PHP testing tool which offer many useful features such as Selenium WebDriver integration, php frameworks (Symfony2, Laravel4, Yii, Zend Framework) integration, API testing (Facebook, REST, XML-RPC, SOAP), Codecoverage and HTML, TAP, JSON reports. Codeception provide simpe API for preparing acceptable tests.

Behat – Behavior Driven Development

Another PHP framework for testing business expectation. It allow you to write human readable stories that describe the behavior for your application.


Flexible and Powerful mockup framework for PHPUnit /Codeception. AOP framework takes different approach to mocking.


Mockery is a most famous mockup framework available today. It allow to refers to the pattern of replacing a given class with a faked version.

phpspec – SpecBDD Framework for PHP.

SimpleTest – Familiar with unit testing.

SnapTest – Powerful free PHP5 unit testing framework.

atoum – Modern, intuitive and simple PHP 5.3+ unit testing framework. It allow user to writing readable, reliable and clear unit tests.