Best Photoshop Plugins for Web Design

Photoshop is one of the best tool to create Mock ups in Web Design. Some Photoshop plugins offer to create Websites, WordPress themes, CSS, favicon, layouts for web design.
Useful Photoshop Plugins for Web Design
Photoshop Plugins for CSS
AtlasCSS (free)
AtlasCSS is a free Adobe Photoshop plugin to generate CSS positions for Sprites.
CSS3Ps (free)
CSS3Ps is a free Photoshop plugin for converts layers to CSS 3. CSS3Ps support text layers, stroke, inner shadow, drop shadow, border radius, multiple layer selection,SCSS and SASS for compass.
CSS Hat (premium)
CSS Hat is a another Photoshop plugin to turn Photoshop layer styles to CSS3. CSS Hat also supports LESS, SASS, SCSS, Stylus and syntax highlighting. It is compatible with Mac and Windows.
Photoshop Plugins for Image Management and Mock up design
Favicon Plugin (free)
Telegraphics offer free plugin to create website favicon (ICO format).
Icon Plugin (free)
Icon plugin give ability to import and export .ico file in Photoshop. This plugin also work with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Painter and some applications.
SuperPNG (free)
Free Adobe Photoshop plugin to make lossless PNG compression. SuperPNG provide option to save meta data and variable compression. Its also offer feature to control alpha channel.
WebP format (free)
WebP is one of the Google proposed compression format for images to reduce images size. Also Google can index this file format. WebP format plugin provide option to convert PNG and JPEG file format to WebP.
Subtle Patterns
Subtle Patterns is one of the Photoshop plugin used to search and insert patterns from online database. These patterns are royalty free.
WebZap (premium)
This is the best one for web designers who make mock ups. WebZap provide additional Photoshop tools to creating mock ups. WebZap plugin offer mock up preview in polished look.
Cut&Slice me (free)
Export sliced assets to different devices.
Perfect Resize (Premium)
Best image Resize plugin for Photoshop.
Enigma64 (Premium)
Fastest way to get images from Photoshop. Enigma64 increase file saving speed. (free)
Photoshop plugin to create flat designs.
Slice and export PSD document to individual PNG and JPEG files.
GuideGuide make grids uses in Photoshop as simple. Its offer option to save guide sets for repeated use.
Photoshop Plugins for font management in web design
Web Font (free)
Web Font plugin offer free web fonts from WebINK and Google web fonts.
Preview 1,50,000 fonts from Fontshop for mock up purpose.
Photoshop Plugin to create WordPress Theme
Divine Elements (premium)
Divine Elements offer option to convert PSD to WordPress theme.
Photoshop Plugin to create websites
SiteGrinder (premium)
SiteGrinder is a commercial Photoshop plugin to create professional websites without any coding knowledge.
If you know any new Photoshop plugins for web design, do let us via comment.

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