36 Best Static Website & Blog Generators

Jekyll – Best Static site websites and blog generator. You can create categories, permalinks, custom layouts, posts and pages.


Hammer (for mac) – It provide option to use PHP includes for HTML. It provide built in support for SASS, HAML& Markdown and Coffescript.

Phrozn – Static site generator for PHP. It support input files in various formats (Twig, Textile, LESS and Markdown).

Middleman – It’s create static sites using all the shortcuts and tools. Its provide powerful features such as file size optimization, sitemap, custom extensions.

nanoc – Static site generator written in Ruby.

Hype – Python static website generator.

Bonsai – Best solution to create portfolios, catalogues and image management websites.

webgen – Powerful self-contained static website generator.

cyrax – Jinja2 template engine based static site generator.

blatter – Simple tool to create static websites build from dynamic templates.

Bonsai – Opensource tiny static website generator.

Korma – Git based blog

Blogofile – Static website compiler and blog engine.

Chisel -Simple Python static blog generation tool.

dynamicmatic – Anthor tool to create dynamic StaticMatic pages.

Frank – Non-framework to create static sites.

hobix – command line based blogging and static site generator.

ikiwiki – It is a wiki compiler. It converts wiki pages into HTML pages.

Jinja2 – Featured template engine for Python.

Layon – Free static website generator.

JBake – JavaScript based opensource static site generator.

PieCrust – Simple lightweight CMS and static site generator.

Markdoc – Lightweight markdown based wiki system.

Mako – It is a template library written in Python.

Pagegen – Static website generator.

Stacey – Its create simple light weight content management system with no login & no admin interface.

Templeet – Best tool to create photo galleries, news systems, personal websites and blogs.

Toto – 10 second blog-engine.

StaticMatic – Tool to develop applications and non-dynamic websites.

ttree – ttree is a script used to process entire directory trees containing templates.

Pelican -Python powered static site generator which supports Markdown and reST syntax.

Poole – Markdown driven static website generator.

PubTal – Software to maintain static sites.

Sphinx – It is a tool to create beautiful documentation. Best python document generator.

Vee – Command line blogging tool.

Webby – Little website management system.