How to change concrete5 site language

Default concrete5 CMS installation provide English language. But after installation, you can change your concrete5 website language. You can change Concrete 5 language in 2 ways. Basic or initial Method Go to concrete5 official language download page to download various language packs such as French, German, Spanish, Arabic or Russian. Download Concrete 5 language pack. […]

12 Free Portable CD/DVD burning Software

Best portable CD/DVD burning apps for Windows & Linux. You can easily handle this software in your pendrive, no installation required. Best Portable Cd/DVD burning Software or applications for Windows Cd Burner XP – Best portable CD / DVD burning application for Windows. PowerLaser Express – Easy to use Cd/DVD burning solution. Its also allow […]

20 Best Flat file based PHP content management systems

Best flat file based cms list. Monstra Best flat file content management system for web delopers who demonstrate webdesign via coding. you can create your own template (include html, css, php) for each page. It using sqlite. So you don’t need to worry about database configuration. Kirby – most famous premium flat file sytem. you […]

How to Redirect Preferred domain name (www or non-www)

How to redirect website domain name as www to non-www or non-www to www. If it’s hurt Google SEO. Please provide simply way to do this. Thanks. non-www domains not hurt your website SEO. Because world most famous news blog Mashable running under non www domain. . But google take www and non-www domain […]