How to Increase OneDrive Upload Speed

Lot of OneDrive (SkyDrive) users reported this issue. OneDrive upload speed extremely slow. But you can increase OnDrive upload speed with some settings.

Increase or decrease OneDrive Upload Speed (Windows)

Right click OneDrive icon in the notification area on the taskbar (right side) -You may need to choose Show hidden icons to view all icons.

Click Settings and choose  Performance tab.

Uncheck the box next to Improve upload speed by uploading files in batches.


How to increase or decrease OneDrive Upload Speed (Mac)

Click OneDrive icon in the menu bar and choose Quit OneDrive option to shut down OneDrive.

Type or copy paste the following command in Terminal : open -a TextEdit ~/Library/Containers/”Application Support”/OneDrive/settings/global.ini

It will open global.ini file in the editor.

Here you can set the concurrent uploads value to either 1, 2, or 3.

Example : add the line  numberOfConcurrentUploads = 2 as a first line in the document  (Ensure that line isn’t already present anywhere in the file. Because it will prevent OneDrive from working. Also do not change any other lines in the document).

Choose File -> Save option in the Text Edit.

Now start OneDrive via App folder.

Increasing this value from its default of 1, will increase upload bandwidth on your computer.

Note : If making this change negatively impact your devices on the local network, change the value back to default 1.

17 Free online Fax Services

Send an email to fax machine

1. FaxZero – Fax any .DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF file.

2. GotFreeFax

It offer easy way to add sender and receiver info ( NAme, company, Fax, email). Best online free fax service.

3. My Fax

Its provide own personal local or tall free fax number. You can easily store/save faxes. provide choice to set country and fax number.

4. Fax Free

Upload and send any internet based files (HTML, XML, XSL) or text files (TXT, RTF). It also accept image format (TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPG) & print file formats (PCL, EPS, PS).

5. hello fax – Receive and send fax anywhere. It offer secure cloud storage, edit & sign faxes etc.

6. PamFax

It is fully integrated with Skype. IT also provide add-ons for outlook and zimbra. You can easily send and receive fax from Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive and Box.

7. Send2Fax – Free Internet Faxing.

8.FreePopFax – Another Free Fax service.

9. BestFreeFax – Send a Fax for free. It provide rich text editor.

10. FaxOrama – It also provide Fax application for Android and iPhones.

11. TopFreeFax – Offer multiple file upload.

12. eFax – 30 day free trial.

13. – provide free phone number. You can easily receive faxes and voice messages using this number.

14. nextivaFax – Offer free trial.

15. Wonterfax (UK only) – Free fax service.

16. SmartFax – Free 30 day Trial.

17. Messagenet – 90 day free trial. Send and receive faxes with email and web.

How to Submit URL to Google, Bing, Baidu & Yandex

Simple steps to add your website url for indexing in most famous search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu and Yandex.

Submit URL to Google search engine.

Submit URL to Bing search engine.

Submit URL to Baidu search engine.

Submit URL to Yandex search engine.

Best SEO Tools to Check Website Review & SEO Status

Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to make money and visitors for bloggers, web designers, web developers and Professional SEO workers. Most of peoples include web designers and bloggers does not now about Basic SEO methods. That’s why they lose their traffic and visitors. So i am decide to list best SEO software and SEO analyzing websites for SEO works.

How to Find Your Webiste or Blog SEO Status

Use and for Complete Blog or Website SEO analysis. You can find current SEO status for you Website / Blog and your website get guaranteed back links. These Baclinks are very useful to increase your website traffic. Because these kind of websites have Google page rank 6 and minimum domain authority 68 to 78 for 100. So your website based these links quickly indexed in Google, Bing,Yahoo and other search engines. If your website name does not indexed in secondary search engine like Bing and yahoo, these links help to index your site in other search engines.

These software’s and websites are very useful to analysis your website or blog,

  • Traffic
  • Alexa Rank and Page Rank
  • How many pages indexed in Google and Bing
  • Social monitoring and mobile optimization
  • Keywords in Google position
  • SEO based URL and robots.txt file
  • Best keywords, Competitors in Google
  • Text/Html ratio, Back links details
  • 404 error page details
  • Print- friendly CSS details
  • Website page size and loading time
  • Dublin core status
  • W3C validity and Encoding
  • DMOZ listing details
  • Find Your page Authority, Domain Authority
  • Html heading details (<H1> to <H6> for SEO) and more.

Best SEO Software for SEO analysis

URI Valet

URl Valet is a best tool to check server headers to find Text to HTML ratio, Internal links, External links, Meta tag information. URL valet provide complete chart to find HTML, CSS, Images, CSS images, Multimedia content, XML and scripts Qty.

Google’s Keyword Tool :

Any keyword analysis tools does not equal to Google’s keyword tool. Because this keyword tool produce results based on Google search results. You can find category and country based Google search engine results. These results very useful to increase location based search results for you website. So you can find profitable keywords for Google SEO.

Google Web Master Tool :

If you not set your website in Google Webmaster tool, you can not find your website problems based on Google search. Google webmaster tool offer crawl error details, malware on your site, Search queries, crawl status, internal links and more. You can also optimize your website page index in Google search results using Fetch as Google option.

Google webmaster tools have lot of futures.But here i am explained few of them.

Google Analytics :

If you want to find your complete visitors details based on search queries, Google analytic is the best choice. Google analytics provides lots of details find visitors and their keywords, Adsence details, In-Page analysis ans more. So you can find past and current visitors details using Google analytics.

Traffic Travis:

Traffic Travis offer free and paid SEO software’s. But its free version provide all major SEO details about your website. So you can find your SEO details from various country based Google, Bing, yahoo search engines. If you want to use any free SEO software i recommended Traffic Travis. Otherwise use SEOmoz for corporate based website analysis works. Also many keyword analysis tools available online. But Free Monitor for Google like some keyword analysis tools still famous.

Website Speed Test Tool


Pingdom is a best online website speed testing tool. This application provide speed related details about your website which script or plugin reduce your website speed.

Learn Basic SEO Methods

Google direcly show How Google Search Works. So first of all learn all SEO basics. Because SEO professional peoples first use basic SEO methods to increse website and blog traffic. They made SEO works based on their own search knowledge. You can also make SEO works without these software’s.Basic On page optimization is best for starting SEO works. Also learn Google Panda, Penguin algorithms and only White hat SEO methods.

Best WordPress SEO plugins

If your website run under use free SEO plugins like WordPress SEO, All in One SEO pack and paid SEO plugin SEOPressor. These plugins really help to make your SEO works in WordPress websites.

How to increase your website & blog traffic?

I started a Technology news blog last month. I am promoting the contents via several social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Posting links to 10-20 related FB groups, Google+ communities etc. but even after one month, its world ranking stood at above 4 lakh and getting 100 visitors/day only(if there’s posting). I am fed up with the process.

One year back, I started another blog in regional language. For that, I was able to get world ranking within 1,50,000 by first month.

I would like to know, what’s the error with my work ? How can I drive more traffic to my site ?

Any detailed guidance is appreciated


Provide Your Blog CMS and Blog main category topics related details. Also answer this question.

Are you already have any Google, Bing webmaster accounts, Google Analytics, Statcounter account ?


I have all these a/cs except analytics. I am using WordPress CMS and Blog main category is Technology, Social Media News, Mobile & Gadgets.


Social sharing methods only provide temporary traffic. SEO friendly websites automatically get traffic from all over world.

So concentrate to create best useful content which provide all kind of information based on one topic.

First you need to optimize your website & posting for organic search engine traffic.

Increase Website loading speed

Check website speed using Google PageSpeed Insights.
Use Leverage browser caching and enable gzip Compression to increase site loading speed.
Optimize your site images using CSS sprites.
Related thread: How to use CSS sprites in WordPress post content.

Submit Your website sitemap to Google, Bing, Baidu & Yandex

Search Engines are suggest to submit website sitemap to increase web crawling.
Related thread: How to Submit Sitemap to Google, Bing, Baidu & Yandex.
Related threat: How to Submit URL to Google, Bing, Baidu & Yandex.

Provide Author Information in search results

It increase search engine traffic up to 150%.
Related thread: How to Show Author Profile Image in Google Search Results.

Use Social sharing’s & SEO extensions

Share your each post in Google plus, Google Plus groups, Facebook, Facebook groups, twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Pinterest.

Related thread: Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions.

Use SEO friendly Title, description, images and content

Make webpage title and description contains keywords.
Use sort custom urls which contain keywords only.
1. Google guide for URL structure.
2. Google guide for site title and description.

Add Google custom search, RSS Feed burner subscription, Email Newsletter Signup

Replace ordinary search box with Google Custom search.
Create RSS Feedburner account for your site and add feedburner subscription box in your site sidebar.
Provide your post notification using Email Newsletter.

Related thread: Best Free WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins.

Also create ever green contents, encourage users to comment your posts. Find most famous blogs in your blog category and follow their trends, join bloggers community and increase friends who share and like your posts.
Also follow Google webmasters blog guidelines.

These thing definitely increase your site ranking within 2 or 3 months.


5 Ways to Make free Calls from PC to Phone (All country's)

Yahoo! Messenger ( All country’s)

Download and install Yahoo messenger in your computer. You need yahoo account too to make calls. Click on Y! Voice.Dial toll-free number 18003733411 and call it.


Follow the voice instructions and also choose free call option and finally end by saying ‘free call’ from your mic.

Now, you will hear an advertisement after which, it will say “Please Dial Your Number”.

Just Dial Your phone Number and start your free call.

iCall (Anywhere in US and Canada)


Best application to make free phone calls from your computer to mobile. It available for Windows and Mac OS. It also support free conference calls up of to 10 people.

Site2SMS (Make Free calls to any mobile number in India)

Web portal in India to make free voice sms and calls. You can make 15 calls in 2 mins. for each day.

Voip Buster ( Not India) daily limit : 60 minutes

But provide free call service for Hong kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy,Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Czech republic, Canadamobile, Australia, Austria, New zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and United states mobile.

Application for Windows and Mac. First call is free.

12 best free online video converters

Online Video Converter
One of the best online video converter in internet. Here you can change the video size, video bit rate, audio quality, frame rate, cut video, rotate or mirror video. Its offer to specify video with 3 ways (custom video upload, enter video url or choose from Dropbox. You can also convert video for Android, iPad, iPhone, iPad, PS3, PSP, will and XBOX360.

It support all kind of video formats. You can upload videos up to 250 MB. It also support video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion. t send video files in your e mail after conversion.

BenderComvertor – Its also support image and audio formats. It allow to upload videos up to 100 MB.

CellSea – You can upload maximum file size 25MB.

Apowersoft Free online video converter – You need to install java in your computer.

Video Toolbox – You need to signup to convert videos.

Convert Video online  – Its also support Samsung, Blackberry video formats.

Zamzar – Zamzar support al kind of files and formats.

Filewiggler – You need to signup for the conversion.

You convert it – It mail converted video fils in your email.

DocsPal – Free online video converter.

CloudConvert – Free online video converter. But you need to upload your file in Dropbox or Google Drive.

It support :
3gp, 3gpp, avi, cavs, dv, dvr, flv, m2ts, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, mts, mxf, ogg, rm, ts, vob, webm, wmv,and wtv.

How to backup Google Chrome bookmarks

This is my another tutorial about backup and restore Google chrome bookmarks.
Very Simple method

Just type this link: chrome://bookmarks/ in your Google chrome browser.

download chrome bookmarks

  1. Click the Organize menu in the Chrome bookmark manager.
  2. Select Export bookmarks to HTML File. Save this HTML file anywhere in your computer.

If you want to import this bookmarks in another Chrome browser, just use this same method and choose Import bookmarks from HTML file and choose your Bookmark HTML file.

Straight Forward method :-

  1. Click the Chrome Browser menu [​IMG] .
  2. Select Bookmarks Menu.
  3. Select Bookmark manager or just press Ctrl + Shift + O.
  4. Click the Organize menu in the Chrome bookmark manager.
  5. Select Export bookmarks to HTML File. Save this HTML file anywhere in your computer.

Learn English – Best Free Video Courses, Games, Books and Websites

Learn American or British English using Free Video learning courses, websites, e-books (PDF) and other resources. Here i am list some useful courses for kids, adults and non-native speakers.

These courses based on beginners to advanced level.


One of the most famous and useful site to learn grammar, American English, vocabulary, slang, pronunciation and business English. Now 9 professional teachers made English learning videos for you. If you want to learn american English then you need to learn lot of their slang lessons.

Voice of America

Voice of america is one of the best site for English learners. Especially i like their English in a minute videos.
They are awesome videos to learn and understand what this phrase means in American English. They save lot of time in your English learning. They also provide Learning english TV, Audio English lessons and Talk2us community program.

learn english
Learn English 232

Another popular free English learning video courses.

AE American English ( official american state government website)

Here they offer English teaching forum, Trace Effects Game, Free Text books and other resources.

British council official English learning courses

British council offer English learning courses for kids, Learn English teens ( adult) and English teacher resources to teaching English.

BBC Learning English Pronunciation Tips

Most famous and powerful British English pronunciation video tutorials.

Other Best Premium English Learning Courses

Learn Real English

World most famous and easy way yo learn English conversation for speaking English. It also provide way to learn grammar.

Best American English Dictionary

The New Oxford American Dictionary – Most famous one to learn American English words.

The American Heritage Dictionary: Fifth Edition – If you already buy New Oxford Dictionary then another choice is this one.

Also check The American Heritage College Dictionary.

How to transfer Money From SBI to SBI account via OnlineSBI

If you want to transfer money from one SBI Bank account to another SBI bank account via online SBI service, follow my steps.

First login your Online SBI Account.

Go to Payments/Transfer Section.

SBI transfer Money

Choose Fund Transfer in jump to section and click Go button.

Then choose Third Party Transfer.

Click here to add a new Intra-Bank Beneficiary.

SBI manage bank transfer

Enter your Online SBI Profile Password.

SBI add bank account

Enter the Beneficiary details like

SBI to SBI money transfer


Account Number:

Transfer limit:

Click submit option.