How to Open .cdr Files without CorelDraw

I download some vector icon (CorelDRAW) files from one website. But i don’t have any CorelDraw software to open that files. So anyone, please suggest alternative methods to open Corel Draw files. Abode Photoshop support .cdr file format? How to convert CorelDraw files with the same quality? Use Uniconvertor (universal vector graphics translator) free. It…Read More

How to Open .SVG File in Photoshop

I want to open or import .SVG file in Photoshop for editing a logo file. How to do this? Is there any plugin available for Photoshop to open svg files. SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics Image SVG file supported applications You can open .SVG files using illustrator, Corel Draw, Dia 0.7 (freeware) and Inkscape (freeware)….Read More

Wamp – Localhost: 404 not found

I am installed new content management system like WordPress in my local Wamp server. The default website home page running correctly. But sum page urls showing “404 Not Found” error like this Not Found The requested URL /cms/test-page/ was not found on this server. So how to solve this problem. I suggested some methods to…Read More