How to install and run Node.js on Windows

Node.js is a server side JavaScript software system offer to write full web application based on JavaScript. Node.js used to compelling server side languages such as PHP, .NET and Ruby into a single compelling package. Node.js used in many famous industrial packages such as backbeam, Yahoo, ebay and Linkedin. In this Node.js tutorial i am […]

Fixed : Roku Error Code 014 cannot connect to network

Roku is a digital streaming player manufactured by company Roku. Roku device gets data via Wi-Fi router and passes the data via audio/video cables. This device is connected to a television or any video displaying device with appropriate internet connection. Roku introduces 4 upgraded models on a basic model. Roku 1 XS/S: This is the […]

How to Open .cdr Files without CorelDraw

I download some vector icon (CorelDRAW) files from one website. But i don’t have any CorelDraw software to open that files. So anyone, please suggest alternative methods to open Corel Draw files. Abode Photoshop support .cdr file format? How to convert CorelDraw files with the same quality? Use Uniconvertor (universal vector graphics translator) free. It […]

12 Free Portable CD/DVD burning Software

Best portable CD/DVD burning apps for Windows & Linux. You can easily handle this software in your pendrive, no installation required. Best Portable Cd/DVD burning Software or applications for Windows Cd Burner XP – Best portable CD / DVD burning application for Windows. PowerLaser Express – Easy to use Cd/DVD burning solution. Its also allow […]