6 Pingoat Alternatives – Best blog and Ping tools

Pingoat is gone. So you can use Pingoat alternatives to ping your blog to Google blog search, feed burner like search engines. Index your website very fast in search engines.

1. PingOMatic – Best alternative for Pingoat.

2. Autopinger -It has simple easy to use user interface.

3. Ping.in – it update your site to blog search engines, blog directories.

4. Feed Shark – Free online tool to promote your site.

5. Google blog search ping – Ping blog and XML sitemap.

6. Total ping – You can index your site to international services.

If you knew any other ping tools, do let us via comment.

Nginx : clear cache

I am using Nginx as a front server. Yesterday i edited some CSS files. But Nginx still serving old one. I am running Nginx in virtual-box. My friend suggested some solutions to clear Nginx cache.

If you are using virtualbox/vargant vm, this solution might solve your issue.

How to clear Nginx cache

Solution 1:-

sendfile might set to on in nginx.conf

Turned it off.

Solution 2:-

Remove all files from the cache directory.

find /path/to/your/cache -type f -delete

Solution 3:-

You can delete specific file cache. Search specific file:

grep -lr 'http://mydomain.pl/css/newedited.css' /var/nginx/cache/*

and deleted that one file.

Note : Append $ to the search term to get the exact hit.

Ex: grep -lr 'http://mydomain.pl/css/newedited.css$' /var/nginx/cache/*

Other solutions :-

  • Delete cache directory: var/cache/nginx
  • Turn on Gzip for these file types.
  • Clear the browser cache by header input.
    expires modified +90d;

How to install Concrete 5 on your local Server

Concreate 5 is a one of the best open source content management system to design professional websites. In this tutorial we are going to see how to install concrete 5 on your local computer using Wamp server. This same method used in real web hosting server.

If you looking any another content management systems which provide non database support use non-database cms list.
Let get started.
First download Concrete 5 from official site.
Extract concrete 5 files in your Wamp server www directory.


Go to your Wamp server phpMyAdmin. Defult WampServer phpMyAdmin login detail is
username :root

Next create a new database for Concrete 5 cms installation using Wamp server phpMyAdmin


Now go to your localhost path to install Concrete 5. First it show testing form to check the current PHP version, JavaScript enabled details, MySQL available test, XML support and cookies enabled details.


Click the Continue to Installation button.

MySql database, user information in the form.
Provide your site details using the following order

Name of your Site: provide your website name.
Email Address: provide your current vaild email address. Because if you forgot your site password, this will help you to retrieve password.
Password: provide your site password details.
Server : enter server as “” or “localhost”
MySQL Username : Enter your MySQL username ex: “root”
MySQL Password: default root user does not contain any password. So leave it empty.
Database name : provide database name, which is created using phpMyAdmin.


If you click continue installation button, it automatically install the concrete 5 like this.


If the process is completed the installation show the conformation image like this.


Now your final installation end with this default concrete blog theme.


HTML5 supported Web Designing Software

Rising Internet world move on different levels. So the websites need more quality and fast indexing. Modern browsers are support HTML 5. Bloggers, Web Designers, Companies want to develop their website or blog in HTML 5.

HTML 5 allow user to Integrate videos, Graphics, Pictures etc.

Some websites and software’s offer user to create Html5 Web Design.

Html5 Web Designing softwares

Adobe Muse
Adobe Muse is a website designing software which supports Html5. It’s basic concept is everyone can creates website without coding knowledge.

Microsoft Expression web 4
Microsoft Expression web 4 sp1 support Html5. But it need to install Html5 schema plugin. It has some installation guide.

Adobe Dreamweaver 11.0.3update to latest version
Adobe Dreamweaver is a most famous Adobe web design software. Adobe Dreamweaver 11.0.3updatesupport Html5.

TopStyle 5
TopStyle5 is a powerful HTML and CSS3 editor based on Windows platform. TopStyle provide powerful web design features such as live preview, Remote FTP and SETP editing, auto replace, W3c validation and better color tools.

WebSite X5 Evolution 9
WebSite X5 Evolution 9 is a great tool to create html 5 websites. It’s offer to inntegrates JavaScript jQuery library ,UTF8 format.

Tumult Hype(support Mac OS only)
Tumult hype is a most popular Html5 Web content making software for Mac OS. User can creates Animated presentations.

Adobe edge
Adobe edge is a most powerful adobe application to create html5 web content.

Google Web Designer
HTML5 based Google designer tool make responsive 2D and 3D transitions and motion graphics.

HTML5 Builder
html5 builder is a powerful application to create html5 based website and apps.

Easy Html5 Video Convertor
Easy Html5 Video is a free html5 video convertor Used to create HTML5 video.

Photo Slideshow Maker
Photo Slideshow Maker offer user to create html5 photo slide show.

Kendo UI
Kendo UI offer user to create HTML5 web apps.

HTML 5 Web Design using online Websites
Wix.com offer Html5 Web Builder to create HTML5 websites without knowledge of coding. sitecube.com offer user to create html5 website +sub domain likewebsite@sitecube.com. You can build your Online stores with checkout, paypal options, websites every pages,facebook,twitter profiles,google map,media player,image gallery,contact form. But it offer 10 days trial. Priemium website have $59/Year. cubender (dot)com offer 14 trials user to create html5 websites with sub domain. it’s also offer custom url for premium.

Cannot login MyBB forum

Every webmaster who use MyBB forum, face login problem in their beginning stage.

This problem created based on cookie path and cookie domain.


Go to your website hosting folder.

Find Yoursitename.com/inc/settings.php

Open setting.php file using any code editer.

$settings[‘cookiedomain’] = “..yoursitename”;
$settings[‘cookiepath’] = “/”;

MyBB suggest to set Cookie domain is blank and path is “/”.
So remove “.yoursitename” in your cookie domain.
set cookie path “/”, if you setting have any any other path name.

Example: Cookie Domain: .yoursitename.com
Cookie Path: /myforum/

Final perfect cookie path and domain is,

$settings[‘cookiedomain’] = “”;
$settings[‘cookiepath’] = “/”;

You can also edit cookie path and cookie domain for your MyBB forum using
Admin CP > Configuration > Settings > General Configuration

How to use CSS sprites in WordPress post content

Mostly images attract user to read post or content. Its also used to explain problems and solutions with step by step guide. If you running blog based on technology, tutorial and other topics, you need to add many images in your WordPress blog post.

But many images in single blog post, not good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These images increase HTTP requests and web page size.

CSS Sprites

CSS sprites are commonly used to reduce HTTP requests and page size.

CSS sprites is the best way to reduce HTTP requests via WordPress post content images. Commonly CSS sprites only used in WordPress theme, not post. So i am decide to write a tutorial to use CSS sprites in WordPress post content.

So How to use CSS sprites in WordPress post Content?

Step 1: First you need to create custom CSS panel for your WordPress theme. This custom CSS panel offer simple way to put custom CSS about image sprite location. So we need add custom CSS option panel in WordPress theme for particular post.

Let get started.

Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Choose Appearance ->Editor option.

In Template menu,

Open functions.php file. Just paste the following code.

//Custom CSS option panel
add_action('admin_menu', 'custom_css_hooks');
add_action('save_post', 'save_custom_css');
function custom_css_hooks() {
    add_meta_box('custom_css', 'Custom CSS', 'custom_css_input', 'post', 'normal', 'high');
    add_meta_box('custom_css', 'Custom CSS', 'custom_css_input', 'page', 'normal', 'high');
function custom_css_input() {
    global $post;
    echo '<input type="hidden" name="custom_css_noncename" id="custom_css_noncename" value="'.wp_create_nonce('custom-css').'" />';
    echo '<textarea name="custom_css" id="custom_css" rows="5" cols="30" style="width:100%;">'.get_post_meta($post->ID,'_custom_css',true).'</textarea>';
function save_custom_css($post_id) {
    if (!wp_verify_nonce($_POST['custom_css_noncename'], 'custom-css')) return $post_id;
    if (defined('DOING_AUTOSAVE') && DOING_AUTOSAVE) return $post_id;
    $custom_css = $_POST['custom_css'];
    update_post_meta($post_id, '_custom_css', $custom_css);
function insert_custom_css() {
    if (is_page() || is_single()) {
        if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post();
            echo '<style type="text/css">'.get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), '_custom_css', true).'</style>';
        endwhile; endif;

Step 2: Next create CSS sprites with combination of images and its location in CSS. I am already written a post to create CSS sprites.


Step 3: Add CSS sprite image in your blog post and paste CSS sprite image location CSS in custom CSS panel.

Step 4: Click text option in your post content editor.

Step 5: Now publish and check your post.

Content Management System (CMS) Designing Tutorials

Content Management System based Website design is the best way to create, keep, update and delete information via online. If you interested to learn content management webdesign using tutorials and e books, i list best video tutorials and e books for your learning.

Most of this tutorials available for premium. But these tutorials are very useful to learn custom content management system design. If you want to create attractive content management system like WordPress and Drupal, you must to learn html, css, php, MySQL, jQuery and Ajax. There are many Opensource content management systems available on Internet. But they are have limited functions. If you build your own Content Management System (CMS), it was very useful to explore your website contents, functions etc.

Content Management based Web Design with Codeigniter Framework Video Tutorials

Codeigniter is a best and light weight php framework to build content management system based websites.Php freamworks are best way to build featurable website. php frameworks offer many plugins to add additional functions to improve website purpose. In online many tutorials available for codeigniter. The most popular one tutorial for codeignitor to build content management website is TutsPlus.com – Build a CMS in CodeIgniter.If you have any basic knowledge in codeigniter, this tutorial is very useful for you to build content management websites. Tutsplus also provide
Codeigniter essential course for beginners.

Content Management based Web Design with php and MySQL database Video Tutorials

If you does not have any knowledge in php and if you want learn php for content management web design, my suggestion is Lynda.com PHP with MySQL Essential Training. This course provide php, MySQL based training and finally teach the project to build content management based website design. This course really suitable for beginning level learners.

Every Web Designer must learn content management webdesign using php any MySQL database without using any php frameworks. TutsPlus.com also offer video tutorials to “Build a Custom CMS Using PHP and MySQLi ”. This is the best course to understand basic structure of content management system and its purpose.

TutsPlus- php fundamentals is a another tutsplu.com course to learn content mangement based blog designing. Its also provide fundamental course for php.

If you interested to learn fundamentals of Content Management, i suggest Lynda.com CMS Fundamentals video tutorial course. This course deeply explain all basic content management fundamentals, basic tools such as WYSIWYG editors and other content management systems.

Content management Web Design based E-books

Pro Zend Framework Techniques – Best Zend framework based e book to learn content management webdesign based on Zend framework.

CMS Design Using PHP and jQuery by Kae Verens is another e book will teach content management website design using php and MySQL .

These are most famous and useful tutorials to learn custom Content Management System designing based video tutorials. If you know any other best video tutorials or e book to learn content management based webdesign do let us via comment.

10+ Best Responsive HTML5 Frameworks for Web Design

Responsive Frameworks

Every Web Designer focused on creating a website that adapts feature of internet. Responsive web design is now feature of internet.Google officially recommended responsive web design. So we need to change our existing website as responsive or create new smart phone optimized websites.

I am already list best Html 5 web designing software’s list. Here i am give useful responsive frameworks list. These frameworks are most famous and useful frameworks in responsive website design.

Most web designers use Bootstrap and foundation framework in their web design works.

Foundation Framework

Foundation is a responsive front end framework designed by ZURB (Product design company,California). Foundation framework use semantic(</>), so you can get cleanest markup. Its official website give templates and tutorials for html templates, icon fonts, off canvas layouts, responsive tables, Stencils etc.

Foundation framework provide most important features such as Flexible grid, Rapid Prototyping and Multi device mobility. In Foundation framework official website, they give training to this framework.

Most famous brands National Geographic, Flite, Felix, Pixar Animation studio uses Foundation in their website.

Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap is most famous, sleek, powerful framework. Its code licensed under Apache license 2.0. Many websites and WordPress themes created under Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap provides dozens of components to build navigation bar, alerts, popovers, progress bars, labels and badges, pagination etc. In bootstrap javascript plugins can be included individually. So you can easily provide tab, tool tip, transitions functions.

Bootstrap website offer customize and download options to customize bootstrap to choose components, Scaffolding, responsive, JS components, jQuery plugins,variables and base CSS. Bootstrap have dozens of features such as components,form controls,typography etc.

Gridless Framework

Gridless is a open-source HTML 5 and CSS 3 framework for creating responsive websites. Gridless compatible with firefox3.5+,Internet explorer 6+, safari 5+ etc. Internet Explorer version 6,7 and 8 does not support media queries. So Gridless framework use Respond.js to poly fit. If you create your website your Grideless framework it will working anywhere such as old feature phone, latetest smart phones, notebooks, tablet, large screen desktops. If you Need any detailed report about Gridless framework read it full details in github.

HTML5 KickStart

HTML KickStart is an ultra lean HTML5, CSS and JavaScript building blocks for rapid website production. HTML5 kickstart working in Internet Explorer 8+, Safari, Safari IOS, Chrome, Chrome Android, Firefox and Opera.

HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate is a best tool to build adaptable web application or sites. Most famous companies such as Google, Microsoft, Nasa uses HTML5 Boilerplate for their project.


Skeleton is a boilerplate for mobile friendly, responsive development. Skeleton provide small collection of CSS files that can help you develop websites.


SproutCore is a open source framework for building fast, innovative websites.


Montage is a best HTML5 framework to building modern web apps. MontageJS is a client side HTML5 framework for building awesome single page applications.


Another HTML5 framework to build website with HTML5, CSS3 and JS. Its offer useful components like HTML5 video players, HTML5 form validation etc.

Gumby – CSS Framework

Gumby is a CSS Framework which used to build responsive websites. Gumby framework support major browser. Gumby provide option to customize base,grid,fonts,typography,images,tabs,navigation,buttons in CSS. You can also customize JS elements.

Gumby Framework very useful to create attractive and responsive websites. It provides responsive image system ,cross browser capability and more. Gumby framework have most effect Google Plus community. So if you have a doubt about this framework, easily this community easily solve your problems.

BluCSS (now its not available)

BluCSS is a CSS framework used to create responsive layouts. BluCSS developed by Alexandre Smirnov (Web Designer and Developer in California) BluCSS comes with responsive image functionality and built-in styles. BluCSS available for GNU license.


inuit,css is a powerful sass based OOCSS framework for serious developers. inuit.css created by Harry Roberts (Senior UI developer in BSkyB). Inuit.css developed for creative Workers who hate code. inuit,css give design pattern and many features such as fluid grids,nestable, standard heading hierarchy and more. It’s build on a BEM style naming conversation.

Best Cross Browser Testing Tools and Software

What is Cross Browser Testing ?

Modern internet world moving around different web design languages and concepts. So we need to create adapted web design. Cross browser test provide ability to check our website with various old and new version browsers. Creating responsive web design only adapt website design in various devices such as (desktop, tablet, mobile). But some browsers not support some HTML 5 codes, CSS 3 codes and other designing codes. So we need to test cross browser support.

Online Tools to Check Cross Browser Compatibility

Browser Shots (with out any login)

Browser shot is a online cross browser testing tool which support various Operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD) and Browsers (Arora, Avant, Konqueror, Dillo, Epiphany, Midori, Lynx, Luakit, Links, MSIE, Maxthon, SeaMonkey, Flock, Iceweasel, Iceape, Rekonq, Yandex, Camino, Kazehakase, Rekonq, Opera, Chrome, Firefox).

It provide Screenshot based previews.


Browserling offer cross browser testing with top 5 major browsers an its different versions (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Opera). It’s provide simple user interface. So you can test your website with one by one browsers.

IE NetRenderer

IE NetRenderer offer Internet Explorer (IE7-IE6 difference, IE7-IE6 mixed, 5.0, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) based website screenshot render. So if you customize your web design for Internet Explorer (IE fix), this website is very useful one.

Screenfly ( for resolution test)
If you create your website under responsive web design using some responsive frameworks or coding, you need to test your website at different screen resolution(Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, television). Screenfly offer screen resolution test with various devices.

Multi Browser (Cross Browser) Testing Software

Multi-Browser viewer(Cross compatibility and Automation testing)

Multi-Browser is a best software to render websites with various browsers. Milti-Browser support 59 standard browsers and 13 mobile browsers. It’s also provide operating system based website render.

If you want to check your web design for Internet Explorer versions using software use IETester. IETester only support windows platform.

Extension to Check Cross Capatibility


IETab is a netrenderer based extension for Chrome and Firefox to test website Compatibility for Internet Explorer versions.

Some other website also offer online browser testing. But they only provide premium and trial based testing service. That’s why i am not listing that particular websites.

Forum Software: Which one is Best for you?

Forums are the most important one to improve online communities. It is the best way to improve official websites and blogs. Many forum software available online. But new users really confused to choose right one for their websites.

Because each bloggers suggest different forum software. In fact many one not try any forum software. So we can’t choose right one at beginning.

Moving your threads and users in one forum to another forum is not easy. So i am decide to write this post to provide better guidelines for your online forum.

XenForo – Better choice for Web Developers.

XenForo is a best one to design community forums.


  • It provide many add-ons
  • Large community have many developers to solve problems.
  • Fully SEO friendly design ( They designed theme using CSS sprites & minum amount of .js & css files)
  • Responsive Theme.
  • You can easily customize styles & design in admin panel.


  • If you need to install your add-ons, you need to put each add-on files in your hosting folder(If it not contain .xml file only).
  • Redirecting deleted forum urls is not easy.
  • Creating menus need Add-ons.
  • XenForo have many features. But its hard to learn at beginning.

So its not suitable for beginners who not know web design.

vBulletin – suitable for ordinary users & designers


  • User friendly admin panel.
  • Now available in responsive web design.
  • Many old forums running under vBulletin. So they already solve many kind of problems.
  • Many themes now available for vBulletin.


  • You can’t get additonal support in theme, plugin and style modification compare to XenForo.

IP.Board – Best for Newbies


  • You can create various blogs in your forum
  • Attractive look.


  • Default IP.Board theme is good. But if you need many IP.Board themes, they are premium.
  • Compare to XenForo its not have best web developer community.
  • It have some bugs. Some modes not working.

phpBB (free) – Suitable for begginers


  • Free forum software


  • Attractive phpBB themes are premium
  • Installing Add-on is not easy one. Each Add-on take lot of time.
  • Making SEO friendly url is really hart one.
  • You can’t easily make Facebook & twitter logins.

MyBB – Best Free and opensource forum software


  • Many Free and Best Themes, plugins avilable
  • Easy user interface
  • You can create you own template.
  • SEO friendly urls


  • Responsive web design themes not available now
  • proper SEO plugins not available
  • Some features provide old internet site looking.

Vanilla Forums – Best For Easy Administration


  • Easily sign in using Facebook, twitter and Google login
  • Blog like look
  • Free Add-ons


  • It’s provide question & answer site look.
  • Some time it make lot of troubles.

Finally if you want to build best & SEO friendly forums and you can spend money for that, use XenForo, vBulletin or IP.Board. If you need free forum software use MyBB or Vanilla forums.