Nginx : clear cache

I am using Nginx as a front server. Yesterday i edited some CSS files. But Nginx still serving old one. I am running Nginx in virtual-box. My friend suggested some solutions to clear Nginx cache. If you are using virtualbox/vargant vm, this solution might solve your issue. How to clear Nginx cache Solution 1:- sendfile might set to on […]

How to install Concrete 5 on your local Server

Concreate 5 is a one of the best open source content management system to design professional websites. In this tutorial we are going to see how to install concrete 5 on your local computer using Wamp server. This same method used in real web hosting server. If you looking any another content management systems which […]

HTML5 supported Web Designing Software

Rising Internet world move on different levels. So the websites need more quality and fast indexing. Modern browsers are support HTML 5. Bloggers, Web Designers, Companies want to develop their website or blog in HTML 5. HTML 5 allow user to Integrate videos, Graphics, Pictures etc. Some websites and software’s offer user to create Html5 […]

Cannot login MyBB forum

Every webmaster who use MyBB forum, face login problem in their beginning stage. This problem created based on cookie path and cookie domain. Solution Go to your website hosting folder. Find Open setting.php file using any code editer. Find $settings[‘cookiedomain’] = “..yoursitename”; $settings[‘cookiepath’] = “/”; MyBB suggest to set Cookie domain is blank and […]

How to use CSS sprites in WordPress post content

Mostly images attract user to read post or content. Its also used to explain problems and solutions with step by step guide. If you running blog based on technology, tutorial and other topics, you need to add many images in your WordPress blog post. But many images in single blog post, not good for Search […]

Content Management System (CMS) Designing Tutorials

Content Management System based Website design is the best way to create, keep, update and delete information via online. If you interested to learn content management webdesign using tutorials and e books, i list best video tutorials and e books for your learning. Most of this tutorials available for premium. But these tutorials are very […]

10+ Best Responsive HTML5 Frameworks for Web Design

Responsive Frameworks Every Web Designer focused on creating a website that adapts feature of internet. Responsive web design is now feature of internet.Google officially recommended responsive web design. So we need to change our existing website as responsive or create new smart phone optimized websites. I am already list best Html 5 web designing software’s […]

Best Cross Browser Testing Tools and Software

What is Cross Browser Testing ? Modern internet world moving around different web design languages and concepts. So we need to create adapted web design. Cross browser test provide ability to check our website with various old and new version browsers. Creating responsive web design only adapt website design in various devices such as (desktop, […]

Forum Software: Which one is Best for you?

Forums are the most important one to improve online communities. It is the best way to improve official websites and blogs. Many forum software available online. But new users really confused to choose right one for their websites. Because each bloggers suggest different forum software. In fact many one not try any forum software. So […]