How to Convert an Animated GIF into a Video

Hi guys. Today i face one problem that is “I need to convert animated gif into a video” to post some videos in YouTube. But the actual file format is .gif . YouTube does not support .gif files to upload. so how to convert it.

Method 1:- Use Virtual Dub software

Use Opensource video capture/processing utility VirtualDub.
Open your .gif file via File ->Open (as a video file)
Save this video as .avi file format.

Method 2:- Use Windows Movie Maker

If you are using old Windows XP then open Windows Movie Maker.
go to “Import Pictures,” option and open to your animated GIF file.
Choose “Save to My Computer” option. Provide the movie title and click “Next.”
Choose “Other Settings” in the next menu and select “DV-AVI (NTSC).” Click “Next.”

Method 3:- Use GIF to video Android app

GIF to Video – Whatsapp, LINE

Method 4:- Free Video Converter

Try Free Any Video Converter Freeware

You missed some tools admin.

GIF to Flash Converter Trail version

Total Video Converter