How to create web design without Coding (Complete Guide)

If you not a web designer and also if you want to create website without using any piece of code, no problem. If you use these software and tools you do’not need to know or learn, coding languages such as HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP or JavaScript. Just create you own website design using drag and drop way.
If you have a money ?
Then buy these professional web design software once. They are not restrict any features in these software. they don’t ask money each time if you create a new web designs.
Lot of web design software available in internet. But some software only offer user friendly interface, tools and SEO options.
Serif WebPlus 7
Most useful professional webdesign software for non programmers. This software offer many features. But most important little things are Drag and drop layout design, ready made navigation bars, HTML 5 support, easy browser preview and e-commerce site design options.
It provide lot of of build in templates include mobile templates. you can create your site using WYSIWYG visual designing. It also provide pre-built social profile, social sharing buttons and Google map options.
You can also add any analytic’s codes like Google Analytics, statcounter or Google webmaster verification file. Its also provide SEO options to add meta keywords, description for each page. WebPlus have a built-in function to create you website sitemap.
So you don’t need to worry about your website loading speed, Analytics, organic SEO methods, Adding music, PDFs, Videos, contact form, sign up or feedback form creation. It also provide options to host your website directly from WebPlus to your web host.
Other Premium web design software
WebEasy Professional 9 – Another useful and most famous premium web design software. It automatically generate html codes from your drag and drop. Its also provide social media integration, SEO tools and eCommerce solution like Paypal buttons, eBay web page wizard. It provide Internet Explorer 9, Firebox 3.5 and smart phone compatible websites.
Here i only list featured web design software.
If you not have any money?
No problem. Use professional free web design software to create your sites. They are provide many features to create best websites.
Adobe Muse CC
Adobe, big american company provide free drag and drop way web design software named Adobe Muse CC. But you need Creative Cloud account. Don’t worry. It’s also free.
Easily add custom navigation, face book like or twitter tweet button, YouTube, Video videos, Google maps, contact form or side shows with drag and drop way. You can also host your site directly using FTP function from Adobe Muse. It automatically generate sitemap to optimize your site for Google, Bing search engines.
You can also access hundreds of fonts hosted in Adobe Type kit.
Join free Adobe cloud plan (30 day trial). Its provide 2GB cloud storage for one month.
What about my option to create Drag and drop way Web design?
If you newbie for web design and you only need 5 or 6 page website, these thing are OK. But if you want to create blog or forum, choose WordPress like content management systems to create blogs and MyBB like forum management software.

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