Disable/Remove McAfee Add-in for Outlook 2010, 2013

If you install  McAfee antivirus software on your system (Windows or Mac), It might add new annoying tab named “McAfee Anti-Spam”. Many users reported, when running Outlook, it takes whole CPU usage.
If you don’t need this extra tab which filters junk emails, you can remove it from Microsoft Outlook.
How to turn off McAfee spam protection

  1. Open Anti-Spam page (From the homepage launch Web and Email Protection drawer and click Anti-Spam).
  2. Click Turn Off option under Anti-Spam.

How to remove Anti-Spam toolbar
Method  1:-

  1. Navigate to an Anti-Spam page.
  2. Select Anti-Spam Toolbar.
  3. Deselect the email which you use.
  4. Click Apply button.

Method 2:-

  1. From the Microsoft Outlook app, go to File -> Options.
  2. From the left panel, choose Add-Ins.
  3. Set Manage drop down to Com Add-Ins then click Go button (At the bottom of the Window).
  4. Uncheck McAfee AddIn check box. Then click Ok.

Annoying McAfee Anti-spam tab will be removed from Microsoft Outlook.

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