How to fix Bluestacks black screen after initializing

Lot of users reported Bluestacks black screen issue. Mostly they getting this screen issue after playing clash of clans game. This issue mostly happened because of the app or your computer graphics card.
5 ways you can fix the Bluestacks black screen
Bluestacks black screen
Fix 1:-
Install the settings app from Google play store. Then change the display sleep settings to 30 minutes.
Fix 2:-
Quit/Close Bluestacks app on your Taskbar then right click on Bluestack app and run it with integrated GPU (intel graphics).
Fix 3:- (Remove or re-install other app that make this issue)
This problem mostly happened because of the particular app. So restart bluestacks and try to run other apps (one by one). If if the particular app is running, that means your previous app has issue. So reinstall that application to fix the issue.
Fix 4:- (Change graphics card settings)
This issue might happened because of your computer graphics card like Intel graphics or Nvidia.

  1. Open Nvidia graphics card settings.
  2. Turn off “Threaded Optimization” option via Manage 3D Settings -> Program Settings -> Add Buttons -> Add Bluestacks Frontend.
  3. Then restart Bluestack app.

Fix 5:- (Update graphics card driver software)
Go to your graphics card official website. Download and install latest version of driver. Then restart your Windows 8, windows 7 PC or Mac. Your problem might fixed.
If you can’t fix bluestacks wont get past initializing issue, do let us via comment.