How do I close/cancel a SBI credit card

Here i am not recommended to cancel or close your SBI credit card account. Because i face a lot of problems to close my SBI credit card.
There are not provide any guaranty to provide your complete balance money.
My story:

I have a account 25,000 cash deposited credit card account in SBI bank. I can’t pay my monthly installment. So i decided to close my account. I contact my local SBI bank credit card agent. but they said, “There is no way is available now to close your credit card directly. You need to send a letter about credit card cancellation in Delhi” So i send a letter. but they not answer me 2 months. They also charge the fine.
Next i am try to solve this problem via email. but it also take 3 month to close my credit card account. finally i only got just Rs 105. So consider before close your SBI credit card.
If you want to close your SBI credit card, pay full installment and get full deposit amount.
Email to SBI credit card cancellation.
1.Bank Name
2.IFSC code
3.Branch code
4.Account number
5.Beneficiary Name
6. Scanned letter copy
Bank Name – State Bank if India
IFSC code– Ask your bank. they provide IFSC code
Branch code– Each bank have their own bank code.
Account Number– Your credit card number
Beneficiary Name – your name
Scanned letter copy – write a letter to SBI credit card to mention your account number, bank information and reason to close your account. Scan this letter and attach this letter in your email.
SBI credit card cancellation
SBI card cancel
Send this details to via your own email address.
or use ordinary post to close card.
Postal Address
P.O Bag No. 28,
New Delhi 110001
SBI helpline Numbers
Contact SBI customer care to cancel your SBI credit card. They not cancel your credit card. But they provide detailed instruction to close your credit card.
39 020202
1860 180 1290 (toll free number only MTNL and BSNL)
Report series problem to SBI notal officer via email
If they not provide any proper response contact
There is no sbi credit card closing forum available in their official website.
Email Format:-
Dear Sir / Madam,
I want to close my credit card account, because i cannot make payment properly. Card is based on monthly payment 2500 EMI per month.
Primary Card Number:
Account No:
IFSC code :
Branch code: (Your bank brach code)
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Beneficiary Name : Your Name
Savings Bank Account No:
Scanned copy attached this mail. I believe you will take action immediately .
Thanking you,
With Regards,
Your Name
or write a letter for closing your sbi account.

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