How to change concrete5 site language

Default concrete5 CMS installation provide English language. But after installation, you can change your concrete5 website language.
You can change Concrete 5 language in 2 ways.

Basic or initial Method

Go to concrete5 official language download page to download various language packs such as French, German, Spanish, Arabic or Russian.

Download Concrete 5 language pack.


Here i am download Chinese language. The path of zip file looking like this,


Each language pack contain file.

Extract this file with /languages/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ folder format in your concrete installation directory.


Method 1:

Open site.php file from config folder.


add new line
define(‘LOCALE’, ‘zh_CN’);


Here zh_CN is the import line which founded in download language zip folder. This line is different for each language. So change this line using your downloaded language pack.

Now check your Concrete 5 website. Login your concrete 5 admin page. The default language is changed.

Method 2:

Follow the Basic method. In this method you don’t need to edit your website site.php file.

After adding language file in your web server (basic method) Just go to


Change your language here.