How to install and use Eclipse for C & C++ development on Windows

Eclipse available for Windows, Mac, Linux.
If you want to install Eclipse on your system, you need three things.
1. Java Runtime Environment
2. GNU Compiler gcc 4.8.1 or later version.
3. Eclipse with CDT ( C development tools)
Download and install java or check if your system already have Java.
Download and install Fortran, C and C++ for Windows (gcc 4.8.1 or later)

install Eclipse for C & C++

Any path that has space will not work.
Type the path as C:MinGW and press install button.
Next visit and choose
Download and install Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers.
If you download Eclipse package, It’s a zip file. Just extract this zip file in your desktop.
Copy and paste this eclipse folder in you program files directory. It’s available on your windows installation directory.


Run this install as a administrator.
If it ask workspace location in your first run, leave it default.
Start Eclipse.
Select workbench in your welcome screen.
First we need to adjust setting to create cross platform capability files.
Go to Windows -> Preferences
choose General -> workspace
Change the text file encoding as Default to UTF-8
And also change new text file line delimiter as Unix.

Eclipse Preferences

Next go to C/C++ -> New C/C++ Project Wizard in preferences panel.
Uncheck show project types and toolchains only if they are supported on the platform.
Choose Empty project in left side ( project type) and choose MinGW GCC in right hand side (Toolchains) and click Make toolchain(s) preferred.

Eclipse settings

Next click ok button.

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