How to install NComputing software in Windows 7

If you newbie for NComputing, you will get lot of trouble in your first time NComputing software installation.

They provide you as a detailed guided pdf e book. But i think, its look like a lesson book. So beginners can not understand the installation and configuration method.

First of all, if you try to install NComputing VSpace software in Windows 7, its defiantly show error message like this


“You need administrative right to install this software. Installation failed” . Because default Windows administrator does not have all previllages to install msi fles. So you need to install NComputing software (.msi files) using command prompt.

First copy the installation .msi setup file in your desktop.

Click start button.

Type cmd in search box

Right click and select Run as Administrator option.



msiexec /i application name with location

Example :
msiexec /i A:application.msi in command prompt.


Here my setup file located in desktop. So my application name with location is


It will run NComputing VSpace software in Windows 7. This is a simple solution to run Desktop visualization software in Windows 7.

But after installation you need to configure your Ncomputing system.

First create additional users with password using your Windows control panel. Right click the My Computer and choose Manage option.

Go to Local Users and Groups -> Groups.

Choose Remote Desktop Users option. Click add button. Type everyone in window and click ok button.

Now its add all user in remote desktop group.

Now go to additional client computer (it mean another monitor). press F5 to get settings. Add the same username and password which you previously created in Windows control panel. click connect button.