How to Increase Internet Video Streaming Speed

I suffer to watch lot of video because of my slow internet speed any bandwidth. So How to increase or improve my video streaming. How to make video streaming faster?
This thing work in any OS like Windows 7, Windows 8 , Mac or Linux.
Method 1: Use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to Open Task Manger. Stop or terminate unwanted web application process and updates.
Method 2: If you are watching flash video than right click, Display tab, turn on hardware acceleration.
enable hardware acceleration
Method 3: Increase local storage size.
Adobe flash : increase local storage
Method 4: Press pause button. Wait some minute and play again.
Method 5 : Remove Browser cache & history files via Internet Properties Or simply press Ctrl+Shift+Delete or clear Chrome or Firebox history what browser you are currently using to watch videos. This thing stop choppy playback.
delete temporary internet files
Method 6: If you are watching live streaming Videos in YouTube or Vimeo then reduce video quality from HD to ordinary.

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