Learn English – Best Free Video Courses, Games, Books and Websites

Learn American or British English using Free Video learning courses, websites, e-books (PDF) and other resources. Here i am list some useful courses for kids, adults and non-native speakers.
These courses based on beginners to advanced level.

One of the most famous and useful site to learn grammar, American English, vocabulary, slang, pronunciation and business English. Now 9 professional teachers made English learning videos for you. If you want to learn american English then you need to learn lot of their slang lessons.
Voice of America
Voice of america is one of the best site for English learners. Especially i like their English in a minute videos.
They are awesome videos to learn and understand what this phrase means in American English. They save lot of time in your English learning. They also provide Learning english TV, Audio English lessons and Talk2us community program.
learn english
Learn English 232
Another popular free English learning video courses.
AE American English ( official american state government website)
Here they offer English teaching forum, Trace Effects Game, Free Text books and other resources.
British council official English learning courses
British council offer English learning courses for kids, Learn English teens ( adult) and English teacher resources to teaching English.
BBC Learning English Pronunciation Tips
Most famous and powerful British English pronunciation video tutorials.
Other Best Premium English Learning Courses
Learn Real English

World most famous and easy way yo learn English conversation for speaking English. It also provide way to learn grammar.
Best American English Dictionary
The New Oxford American Dictionary – Most famous one to learn American English words.
The American Heritage Dictionary: Fifth Edition – If you already buy New Oxford Dictionary then another choice is this one.
Also check The American Heritage College Dictionary.

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