On page and Off page SEO. Which is best?

On page and Off page SEO both best to increase your website or blog traffic.
Many corporate companies, website owners, blogger really confused to choose right SEO service such as On page SEO and Off page SEO.

If you decide to make SEO works for your websites or blogs, first understand difference between On page SEO and Off Page SEO. It is not necessary website owners learn SEO. But they must need basic understanding to choose right SEO service for their websites.

What is On page Optimization ?

Every professional SEO service company website definitely give basic reference about On page optimization. I give suggestion,

On page optimization is a organic way to increase website traffic with its basic elements which really fulfill search engine needs.”

In On page optimization work you or someone add website based details such as keywords, description, sitemap in your website. So if you try to give this work to someone, you must give website administrator details, hosting details such as username and password. Careful to give this kind of information to someone who make your SEO service.

What is Off page SEO ?

Off page SEO is another way to increase your website traffic using Social Media Optimization (SMO), link building etc. SEO workers first take your major webpage url links and they share this links in various social networks and social bookmarking websites. They also try to store your web page url with useful details in online directories. This method called link building.

So How Off page optimization works for SEO?

SEO workers share your information and web page links in most valuable websites which have best Alexa Rank (Alexa Rank- Universal Internet based websites ranking system) and Google page rank (ranking system based on Google).

This shared links index your web page in various search engines via master web page url index. Off page optimization is really useful to compete other website in search engine.

So Which is best ? On page optimization or Off page optimization

Both are best. But my suggestion compare to others on page optimization is most important and valuable for search engine optimization. Because major search engines such as Google, Bing, yahoo first look out you web page information via on page optimization. Then they try to analysis social media shares, back-links etc.

Here Off page optimization does not end in any time. You need to make this optimization regularly, If you wish to compete your competitors websites in search engines. But if you make perfect on page optimization in one time you need not update it anytime. If your blog or website have off page optimization but it does not have any on page optimization, your website definitely loose its traffic in search engines. So think these guidelines before make search engine optimization.