Disqus comment form not displayed on WordPress

I add new disqus comment plugin in my WordPress blog. I did everything correctly. But my blog posts only showing old, native WordPress comment form instead of disqus comment form.
so please provide suggestion to solve this problem.
I think this problem may happened because of two things.
Type 1: –
Go to Comments->Disqus->Plugin settings
Check “Disqus comments are currently enabled. (Disable)”
Use Disqus Comments on : All blog posts or Blog posts with closed comments only.
Type 2:-
Got to WordPress admin panel -> Appearance -> Editor
Find and open single.php file
check the file contain

<?php comment_form(); ?>


<?php comments_template(); ?>

instead of

<?php comment_form(); ?>

Now check your blog posts.

Unable to assign front page in WordPress

WordPress front page
This’s the default section in WordPress settings- reading. But to me it’s not displaying. I am getting option from here
Blog pages show at most posts
why it happened ? Thanks for any help
I think it happened because of your WordPress theme. Some WordPress themes have custom page to show blog posts. Switch any other theme and check again.
Is this (screenshot) your current WordPress settings->Reading section?
no. I tried several themes. but no change. this screenshot is taken from wordpress forums, not mine. following is taken from my admin panel.
reading settings
Go to yoursitename.com/wp-admin/update-core.php
choose Re-install now option.
Then check again the problem.
No use. I tried different themes also including twenty thirteen, twenty forteen also. still there’s no such option to set home page.
The front page options on the Settings Reading screen will not display unless you have at least one published WordPress page.

Download chrome extension without installing

If you want to download Google Chrome extensions, follow my steps.
Method 1:- Download from Google web store
If you want to download Google Chrome extension from official web store,
First find extension id.
Example URL :


Method 2 :- Download from your computer
If you want to download Google Chrome extension which is already installed in your computer.
Then go to

C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultExtensions

download chrome extension
Method 3 :- Download using other browser.
Or use opera extension to download chrome extension.
You can unzip your chrome extension using winzip or winrar.

9 Best Async Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

Digg Digg – the floating social bar. (No. 1)
All social sharing buttons are asynchronous loading. Also this plugin increase social sharing.
Share Center Pro
Available Social sharing buttons.

  • Facebook like button
  • Twitter button
  • Google +1 button
  • StumbleUpon button
  • Pinterest
  • Buffer
  • Linkedin

Async Social Sharing
ordianly looking socialsharing pluginswith share count.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Hacker News

Floating Social Bar

Share Buttons by AddToAny

Social Master


WP MashSocial Widget
Genesis Optimized Social Share

Share Buttons by E-MAILiT

How to Convert an Animated GIF into a Video

Hi guys. Today i face one problem that is “I need to convert animated gif into a video” to post some videos in YouTube. But the actual file format is .gif . YouTube does not support .gif files to upload. so how to convert it.
Method 1:- Use Virtual Dub software
Use Opensource video capture/processing utility VirtualDub.
Open your .gif file via File ->Open (as a video file)
Save this video as .avi file format.
Method 2:- Use Windows Movie Maker
If you are using old Windows XP then open Windows Movie Maker.
go to “Import Pictures,” option and open to your animated GIF file.
Choose “Save to My Computer” option. Provide the movie title and click “Next.”
Choose “Other Settings” in the next menu and select “DV-AVI (NTSC).” Click “Next.”
Method 3:- Use GIF to video Android app
GIF to Video – Whatsapp, LINE
Method 4:- Free Video Converter

Try Free Any Video Converter Freeware
You missed some tools admin.
GIF to Flash Converter Trail version
Total Video Converter


Add Ads between WordPress Posts

WordPress tutorial to add ads between post in home page or category, archive page. You can add any kind of ad link Google AdSense ad, buy sell ad or affiliate ad.
First login your WordPress admin panel.
Go to Appearance -> Editor.
Open index.php or loop.php.
Search and find this code or similar code.

<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

Add the following code above line.

<?php $count = 1; ?>

Next find the code look like this

<?php endwhile; ?>

Add the following code above the line

<?php if ($count == 1) : ?>
<?php endif; $count++; ?>

Replace “YOUR GOOGLE ADSENSE CODE HERE” code with your ad code.
If you want appear your ad after some post, change the code like this
Ex: after 4th post

<?php if ($count == 4) : ?>
<?php endif; $count++; ?>

4 Sites to Download Bootstrap themes, plugins, snippets

These 4 sites offer free Bootstrap themes, snippets and extensions.
1. getbootstrap.com
Bootstrap official website to download bootstrap framework, tutorials and jquery plugins. You can download your own customized version of Bootstrap.
2. Bootsnipp
Bootsnipp is a twitter bootstrap based web directory which contain HTML snippets for Bootstrap, Resourse list (templates, Icon fonts, Date and Range pickers, Model and JavaScript extensions, prototyping apps and forms).
Also it provide

You can also submit you own twitter bootstrap resources here.
3. Kickstrap
Kickstrap provide collection of app ( JavaScript libraries), themes and UI components for Bootstrap.
4. Bootswatch
Bootswatch is a best source to download new bootstrap themes. It provide open source theme file (.css). So download a CSS file and replace the one in Bootstrap.
LayoutIt – Bootstrap 3 interface builder.
I see that there are many options to work with bootstrap
and you can add bootdey
Bootdey is a gallery of free bootstrap snippets

Solved : 3D games rotated my computer screen

I recently discovered new problem when i playing a 3D game in Windows 7. That is Automatic screen rotation from Landscape to portrait & PC screen resolution change from 1366 x 768 to 800 x 600.
I tried to get Task manager using Ctrl+Alt+Del. After i quit that game nothing changed.
I am also tried to restart my system. Button the problem not solved.
First you need to change your computer orientation from rotation to normal. That mean portrait to normal. So right click in Desktop and choose Screen resolution. Change orientation from portrait to landscape, also change screen resolution.
If you want to permanently avoid this problem?
Graphics and media control panel
Turn of Hot key functionality.
Right click anywhere on your Desktop screen and select graphics options. Find hotkey and choose disable.

20 Best Non-Database Content Management Systems

Pulse (Paid)
Pulse provide no database website management system. You can also convert your existing static site to responsive cms using Pulse.
CMSimple (Free) – CMSimple is a open source CMS which require no database. It offer TinyMCE editor.
Kirby (Paid) – File based CMS.
Satcey (free)
Opensource lightweight CMS. Manage contents by creating folders and editing text files.It not provide admin interface and login screen.
Nesta CMS
A Ruby CMS build with sinatra web framework. Everything stored in HTML files. It support semantic HTML5.
Sitemagic CMS (free)

You can create and edit page using page editor. manage files and folders online. Customize your website design using CSS designer.
Cushy CMS (paid) – It does not require PHP or ASP. You does not need any programming knowledge.
GetSimple CMS (free)

Opensource XML based cms which provide huge collection of plugins and multi language support.
Surreal CMS (Paid) – Simple content management system. Easily integrate your existing site.
tesTPress (Free) – It uses text files as a storage. You can build blogs. It also include SEO settings.
Subfolio (free)
Pico (Free)
Mapix CMS (free) – 
XML based content management system.
PHP Nanomus (free) – Mini content management system without database.
gpEasy CMS (Free) – PHP based open source CMS which use WYSIWYG editor and flat file storage.
SkyBlueCanvas (free) – It provide themes, Add-on support and Admin interface.
Pluck (free) – Create blog, pages, album and contact forms.
razor CMS – Databaseless CMS.
A Micro CMS (Free)

Opensource flat file system.Create HTMl 5 web standard web pages. Password protected publishing option. It provide friendly urls, You can edit stylesheet in admin interface.
SmartyCMS (free) – Easy to use PHP framework for developers.
editEase (free) – jQuery based CMS.
nc-cms (free) – It provide both mySql and flat file system support.
Unify -Simple content editor running PHP5.
Zimplit CMS (Free) – Opensoure content management system which maintain all datas in HTML pages.
WebYep (free) – This CMS does not require a database server. It also provide Dreamweaver and RapidWeaver plugins.
TinyCMS (Free) – Opensource, flat files, plugins, themes, multilanguage (both BE and FE)
MeshCMS – written in Java. Pages are stored in regular HTML files. It also provide WYSIWYG editor which use TinyMCE. It support Themes and modules.
cms.libe.net (free) – here is another flat file cms which is quiet simple to use

WordPress Theme Design Software, Frameworks, Generators

Every Blogger really like to use own, custom WordPress theme for their blog. But most of them does not know about Custom WordPress theme design.They buy their WordPress theme from online or download from some website. Here you must mind, this same theme also used in another blog. So their blog does not have any different from another bloggers in theme.
If you already have any knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3, no problem. Many blogs give best tutorials about WordPress theme design. That kind of posting really tweak your knowledge in WordPress theme design. But if you does not know HTML and CSS, no problem. You can also design WordPress theme for your taste using software, frameworks and WordPress theme generator. These three are not complete solution to design WordPress themes. But these are definitely help you to design WordPress themes.
Let get started.
WordPress Theme Design Software and Generators
Some Online applications offer WordPress theme design in online.These are called WordPress Theme generator software. Here i am list most famous and best WordPress theme generators list.
Artisteer is a automation software product used to design WordPress, Joomla and Drupal themes. Artisteer also give basic template for WordPress theme. In Artisteer, you can only customize header, menus, layout, footer , fonts, typography for your theme. So its not enough to design WordPress themes. But now this only one available to design WordPress themes using software.
Template Toaster
Template Toaster is very user friendly WordPress theme generator. You can use drag and drop way to design WordPress themes in Template Toaster. Its absolutely for beginners who did not know anything about coding. It also offer Magento, Joomla and Drupal theme design. Template Toaster also have forum to solve user problems about theme design.
Lubith is a another WordPress theme generator. It absolutely free one. It offer online WordPress theme design. Lubith also have well running forum to solve user problems in theme design. Lubith generates WordPress themes compatible with major browsers.
WordPress Theme Design Frameworks
Most of the WordPress blogs running under frameworks based WordPress themes. Many WordPress Frameworks offer Drag and Drop Layout builder. So user can easily navigate and design WordPress theme.
Ultimatum is the best one WordPress framework or theme. If you use Ultimatum, you did not want to learn any coding to design WordPress theme. Ultimatum have a powerful application builder to design layout, header, footer and menus.
Pagelines is another one WordPress framework to design WordPress themes in Drag and Drop way. pagelines also offer extensions to improve your theme. You can make all kind of the stuff such as short codes, slider using these plugins. Pagelines is very SEO friendly framework. So you does not need to afraid any Search Engine optimization via theme.
headway also provide drag and drop way to build WordPress theme. It offer one design editor to customize theme elements. if fully give support in Html 5 and CSS 3. Its a SEO friendly framework.
Some WordPress themes offer to customize layout and design. They are iTheme Builder, Elegant Themes. These are temporarily solution to design WordPress themes. But if you learn WordPress themes design using coding (Php , Html 5 and CSS 3), every thing very easy in WordPress theme design. f you known any other WordPress theme design software’s, frameworks and Generators do let us via comment.