10+ Best Responsive HTML5 Frameworks for Web Design

Responsive Frameworks
Every Web Designer focused on creating a website that adapts feature of internet. Responsive web design is now feature of internet.Google officially recommended responsive web design. So we need to change our existing website as responsive or create new smart phone optimized websites.
I am already list best Html 5 web designing software’s list. Here i am give useful responsive frameworks list. These frameworks are most famous and useful frameworks in responsive website design.
Most web designers use Bootstrap and foundation framework in their web design works.
Foundation Framework
Foundation is a responsive front end framework designed by ZURB (Product design company,California). Foundation framework use semantic(</>), so you can get cleanest markup. Its official website give templates and tutorials for html templates, icon fonts, off canvas layouts, responsive tables, Stencils etc.
Foundation framework provide most important features such as Flexible grid, Rapid Prototyping and Multi device mobility. In Foundation framework official website, they give training to this framework.
Most famous brands National Geographic, Flite, Felix, Pixar Animation studio uses Foundation in their website.
Bootstrap Framework
Bootstrap is most famous, sleek, powerful framework. Its code licensed under Apache license 2.0. Many websites and WordPress themes created under Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap provides dozens of components to build navigation bar, alerts, popovers, progress bars, labels and badges, pagination etc. In bootstrap javascript plugins can be included individually. So you can easily provide tab, tool tip, transitions functions.
Bootstrap website offer customize and download options to customize bootstrap to choose components, Scaffolding, responsive, JS components, jQuery plugins,variables and base CSS. Bootstrap have dozens of features such as components,form controls,typography etc.
Gridless Framework
Gridless is a open-source HTML 5 and CSS 3 framework for creating responsive websites. Gridless compatible with firefox3.5+,Internet explorer 6+, safari 5+ etc. Internet Explorer version 6,7 and 8 does not support media queries. So Gridless framework use Respond.js to poly fit. If you create your website your Grideless framework it will working anywhere such as old feature phone, latetest smart phones, notebooks, tablet, large screen desktops. If you Need any detailed report about Gridless framework read it full details in github.
HTML5 KickStart
HTML KickStart is an ultra lean HTML5, CSS and JavaScript building blocks for rapid website production. HTML5 kickstart working in Internet Explorer 8+, Safari, Safari IOS, Chrome, Chrome Android, Firefox and Opera.
HTML5 Boilerplate
HTML5 Boilerplate is a best tool to build adaptable web application or sites. Most famous companies such as Google, Microsoft, Nasa uses HTML5 Boilerplate for their project.

Skeleton is a boilerplate for mobile friendly, responsive development. Skeleton provide small collection of CSS files that can help you develop websites.
SproutCore is a open source framework for building fast, innovative websites.
Montage is a best HTML5 framework to building modern web apps. MontageJS is a client side HTML5 framework for building awesome single page applications.
Another HTML5 framework to build website with HTML5, CSS3 and JS. Its offer useful components like HTML5 video players, HTML5 form validation etc.
Gumby – CSS Framework
Gumby is a CSS Framework which used to build responsive websites. Gumby framework support major browser. Gumby provide option to customize base,grid,fonts,typography,images,tabs,navigation,buttons in CSS. You can also customize JS elements.
Gumby Framework very useful to create attractive and responsive websites. It provides responsive image system ,cross browser capability and more. Gumby framework have most effect Google Plus community. So if you have a doubt about this framework, easily this community easily solve your problems.
BluCSS (now its not available)
BluCSS is a CSS framework used to create responsive layouts. BluCSS developed by Alexandre Smirnov (Web Designer and Developer in California) BluCSS comes with responsive image functionality and built-in styles. BluCSS available for GNU license.
inuit,css is a powerful sass based OOCSS framework for serious developers. inuit.css created by Harry Roberts (Senior UI developer in BSkyB). Inuit.css developed for creative Workers who hate code. inuit,css give design pattern and many features such as fluid grids,nestable, standard heading hierarchy and more. It’s build on a BEM style naming conversation.

Best Cross Browser Testing Tools and Software

What is Cross Browser Testing ?
Modern internet world moving around different web design languages and concepts. So we need to create adapted web design. Cross browser test provide ability to check our website with various old and new version browsers. Creating responsive web design only adapt website design in various devices such as (desktop, tablet, mobile). But some browsers not support some HTML 5 codes, CSS 3 codes and other designing codes. So we need to test cross browser support.
Online Tools to Check Cross Browser Compatibility
Browser Shots (with out any login)

Browser shot is a online cross browser testing tool which support various Operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD) and Browsers (Arora, Avant, Konqueror, Dillo, Epiphany, Midori, Lynx, Luakit, Links, MSIE, Maxthon, SeaMonkey, Flock, Iceweasel, Iceape, Rekonq, Yandex, Camino, Kazehakase, Rekonq, Opera, Chrome, Firefox).
It provide Screenshot based previews.
Browserling offer cross browser testing with top 5 major browsers an its different versions (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Opera). It’s provide simple user interface. So you can test your website with one by one browsers.
IE NetRenderer
IE NetRenderer offer Internet Explorer (IE7-IE6 difference, IE7-IE6 mixed, 5.0, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) based website screenshot render. So if you customize your web design for Internet Explorer (IE fix), this website is very useful one.
Screenfly ( for resolution test)
If you create your website under responsive web design using some responsive frameworks or coding, you need to test your website at different screen resolution(Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, television). Screenfly offer screen resolution test with various devices.
Multi Browser (Cross Browser) Testing Software
Multi-Browser viewer(Cross compatibility and Automation testing)
Multi-Browser is a best software to render websites with various browsers. Milti-Browser support 59 standard browsers and 13 mobile browsers. It’s also provide operating system based website render.
If you want to check your web design for Internet Explorer versions using software use IETester. IETester only support windows platform.
Extension to Check Cross Capatibility
IETab is a netrenderer based extension for Chrome and Firefox to test website Compatibility for Internet Explorer versions.
Some other website also offer online browser testing. But they only provide premium and trial based testing service. That’s why i am not listing that particular websites.

Forum Software: Which one is Best for you?

Forums are the most important one to improve online communities. It is the best way to improve official websites and blogs. Many forum software available online. But new users really confused to choose right one for their websites.
Because each bloggers suggest different forum software. In fact many one not try any forum software. So we can’t choose right one at beginning.
Moving your threads and users in one forum to another forum is not easy. So i am decide to write this post to provide better guidelines for your online forum.
XenForo – Better choice for Web Developers.
XenForo is a best one to design community forums.

  • It provide many add-ons
  • Large community have many developers to solve problems.
  • Fully SEO friendly design ( They designed theme using CSS sprites & minum amount of .js & css files)
  • Responsive Theme.
  • You can easily customize styles & design in admin panel.


  • If you need to install your add-ons, you need to put each add-on files in your hosting folder(If it not contain .xml file only).
  • Redirecting deleted forum urls is not easy.
  • Creating menus need Add-ons.
  • XenForo have many features. But its hard to learn at beginning.

So its not suitable for beginners who not know web design.
vBulletin – suitable for ordinary users & designers

  • User friendly admin panel.
  • Now available in responsive web design.
  • Many old forums running under vBulletin. So they already solve many kind of problems.
  • Many themes now available for vBulletin.


  • You can’t get additonal support in theme, plugin and style modification compare to XenForo.

IP.Board – Best for Newbies

  • You can create various blogs in your forum
  • Attractive look.


  • Default IP.Board theme is good. But if you need many IP.Board themes, they are premium.
  • Compare to XenForo its not have best web developer community.
  • It have some bugs. Some modes not working.

phpBB (free) – Suitable for begginers

  • Free forum software


  • Attractive phpBB themes are premium
  • Installing Add-on is not easy one. Each Add-on take lot of time.
  • Making SEO friendly url is really hart one.
  • You can’t easily make Facebook & twitter logins.

MyBB – Best Free and opensource forum software

  • Many Free and Best Themes, plugins avilable
  • Easy user interface
  • You can create you own template.
  • SEO friendly urls


  • Responsive web design themes not available now
  • proper SEO plugins not available
  • Some features provide old internet site looking.

Vanilla Forums – Best For Easy Administration

  • Easily sign in using Facebook, twitter and Google login
  • Blog like look
  • Free Add-ons


  • It’s provide question & answer site look.
  • Some time it make lot of troubles.

Finally if you want to build best & SEO friendly forums and you can spend money for that, use XenForo, vBulletin or IP.Board. If you need free forum software use MyBB or Vanilla forums.

How to Create Sticky header, footer and sidebar using ScrolltoFixed

Website navigation is one of the most important thing in web design. Because navigation increase number of clicks to the particular post, ads and social sharing in whole website. Sticky header, footer and sidebar are very useful to increase navigation experience.
You can simply create sticky (fixed) header, footer and sidebar using jQuery Plugins.
Let get started.
First download ScrollToFixed jQuery plugin from github.
Extract downloaded file. Keep this jQuery file and html file in same folder. Other you need to connect this folder
files and your html file into right path.
Example my HTML and CSS file is:

<title> Demo Fixed Header and Sidebar </title>
aside, article, section, header, footer, nav {
display: block;
aside, article, section, header, footer, nav, html, body, p, h1, h2, h3, div {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
html {
background: #EDEDED;
body {
margin: 0 auto;
background: #fff;
font: 90%/1.6 georgia,serif;
#header {
background: #E0B44C;
padding: 10px 10px;
color: #fff;
margin-bottom: 2em;
h1 {
text-align: left;
font-size: 2.5em;
font-weight: normal;
font-variant: small-caps;
letter-spacing: .1em;
p {
margin-bottom: 1em;
article {
text-align: justify;
article h2 {
font-size: 1.8em;
font-weight: normal;
margin-bottom: .2em;
aside {
font: .9em sans-serif;
aside h2 {
font-size: 1.2em;
margin-bottom: 1em;
#sidebar2 {
background: #FFE5A8;
padding: 10px 25px 10px 10px;
#footer {
background: #C79112;
font: 1.2em sans-serif;
text-transform: uppercase;
letter-spacing: .2em;
text-align: center;
color: #fff;
padding-top: 5px;
body {
width: 85%;
max-width: 1280px;
min-width: 960px;
article {
float: left;
width: 64%;
padding-left: 2.5%;
padding-top: 2.5%;
aside {
float: right;
width: 26%;
padding: 2.5% 2.5%;
section {
-webkit-column-count: 1;
-moz-column-count: 1;
column-count: 1;
-webkit-column-gap: 1em;
-moz-column-gap: 1em;
column-gap: 1em;
padding-bottom: 1em;
margin-bottom: 1em;
section:last-of-type {
border-bottom: none;
footer {
clear: both;
padding: 25px 0 15px;
<div id="header">
<h1>Sticky Header</h1>
<h2>Web Design Demo</h2>
<section class="one">
<p> Some content about Sticky header</p>
<h2>sidebar 1</h2>
<p> Some content about Sticky header</p>
<div id="sidebar2">
<h2>sidebar 2</h2>
<p> Some content about Sticky sidebar</p>
<div id="footer">
<p>Copy Right information</p>

Here i need fixed header.footer and sidebar. So i create three CSS Ids such as <div id=”header”>, <div id=”sidebar2″> and <div id=”footer”>
Note: Check if you are assign CSS rules for the Ids, which you define for fixed header, footer and sidebar.
Step 1: Add this line inside </head> to connect jQuery

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.0/jquery.min.js"></script>

Step 2: Connect extracted file ( jquery-scrolltofixed.js) to your html file.

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-scrolltofixed.js"></script>

Step 3: Write the java script code inside </head> tag to make header,footer and sidebar widget fixed.

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
$('#sidebar2').scrollToFixed( { marginTop: $('#header').outerHeight() + 5,limit: $('#sidebar2').offset().bottom } );
$('#footer').scrollToFixed( { bottom:0,limit: $('#footer').offset().bottom } );

Here $(‘header’).scroolltofixed(); give fixed header. But if you want to assign fixed sidebar and header you need to assign header height in sidebar property using marginTop.
If you want fix the header only just use,



$(document).ready(function() { });

Follow the same method for footer and sidebar widget. Here i am make only sticky sidebar widget, not whole sidebar. but you can change or assign new CSS Ids to make whole sidebar fixed.
If you need any additional tips to make changes read ScrolltoFixed plugin detail in github.

Top PHP Frameworks to Build Content Management System

Php frameworks is the best way to build content management websites, without lot of effort.
Top Php Frameworks for Content Management Web Design


Yii framework
Yii framework is a modern light weight php framework to support all kind of thing. If you wish to learn any best php frameworks which support all scripts such as ajax, jQuery i am suggest Yii framework first. Yii framework have a large community and lot of plugins to develop content management websites. It take care all major things such as SQL injection and input validation.
Codeigniter is a light weight php framework to build most powerful content management websites. If you think to learn best two php frameworks, i am suggest this one. Many Codeigniter based content management web design video tutorials and e books available online. So you can easily learn codeigniter using these kind of tools. Codeigniter have a large community to clear your codeigniter based doubts.
Fuel (Community driven PHP Framework)
Fuel is a simple MVC (Model-view-controller) framework based on community driven php framework which implements HMVC pattern. Major contributors for Fuel framework are Philip Sturgeon and Dan Horrigan who also contributes Codeigniter framework.
Fuel framework have an features such as URl routing system, form and data validation features, caching system, cross-site scripting protection, template parsing and HMVC implementation.
CakePHP is a rapid development php framework uses active record, MVC and association data mapping. Its offer less code to build best content management websites. CakePHP have an built in tools to check input validation, SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection and more.
Zend Framework
Leading business and enterprise based opensource php framework for modern high performing php applications. Zend offer several tools to develop websites. Its offer tools to building more and reliable, modern web 2.0 applications.
Symfony is another light php framework, only require two writing folders to configure security level. Its have a unlimited flexibility to build powerful content management system. one of the world most famous open source content management system Drupal uses symfony components. But symfony support all kind of scripts and systems excerpt templates system.
Webasyst Framework
Webasyst is a open source php framework to build content management websites and multi-user web applications. This php framework offer lot of ready to use tools to create user management and UI building.
Webasyst php framework offer all major features to build content management website.
Agavi Framework
Agavi is one of the powerful php framework which follows the MVC (Model-view-controller) paradigm. Agavi have all major things for content management web design.
Kohana PHP framework
another elegant HMVC php framework which provide rich set of tools to build best web applications. Its have good debugging and profiling tools to identify and solve performance issues.
Agile Toolkit
Agile Toolkit is another one php framework inspired by desktop toolkits such as QT and .NET. Its mostly support jQuery integration. Its also have community to solve your agile toolkit based problems.
Silex – PHP Micro Framework
Silex is a micro PHp framework based on symfony 2 components. Its released based on MIT license.
These PHP frameworks are really useful to build most powerful content management websites. If you know any other best PHP framework do let us via comment.

Xerox Workcentre Default Password For Reset

Learn how to reset the default password for Xerox work centre.
Reset Admin Password on Xerox Work Centre 7830
1.Click on the Machine Status button, then Tools tab.

  1. 2.Choose the General feature and next Feature Installation.
  2. 3.To reset the Administrator credentials for default values, enter the Feature key on the Feature Key screen.

Reset Password on Xerox Workcentre 5225
If you lost a password and try to reset a password you can enter in a “debug” mode. Hold down the 0 button on the control panel for about 5 seconds and at the same time tab on the start button. The default is “6789”.
Steps to change the username/password in a debug mode:

  1. 1.Click the <Machine Status> button on the Control Panel.
  2. 2.Click the Tools tab.
  3. 3.From the Tools screen, click the [Authentication/Security] settings.
  4. 4.Click [System Administrator Settings].
  5. 5.Click [System Administrator’s Login ID).
  6. 6.Select [Keyboard] from the System Administrator’s Login ID screen.
  7. 7.Type username for the login ID and select Save.
  8. 8. Select [Keyboard] from the Retype line.
  9. 9.Enter the same Login ID and select [Save] twice.
  10. 10.If you want to change System Administrator’s Login id select Yes.
  11. 11.Click [System Administrator’s Passcode].
  12. 12.Select [Keyboard], on the Passcode screen.
  13. 13.Type the new password and select Save.
  14. Reset Password on Xerox Workcentre 3220
  15. reset xerox workcentre 3220
  16. Try with the default username and password.
  17. User – admin.
  18. Pass – 111.
  19. Tap on Menu until “System Setup” appears on the bottom line of the display and click OK.
  20. Click the left/right arrow until “Clear Settings” appears and click ok.
  21. Click the left/right arrows until “All” appears and press OK to confirm.

How to install and run Node.js on Windows

Node.js is a server side JavaScript software system offer to write full web application based on JavaScript.
Node.js used to compelling server side languages such as PHP, .NET and Ruby into a single compelling package.
Node.js used in many famous industrial packages such as backbeam, Yahoo, ebay and Linkedin.
In this Node.js tutorial i am showing to install node.js on windows, Linux and Mac OS and run first JavaScript in command line using Node.js. Node.js is a standalone non browser JavaScript environment. So you need to have knowledge in JavaScript. Node.js is used to create web servers, scripts and command line tools.
Install and Test Node.js on Windows
Step 1: Download Nodejs for Windows from official website.
If you install Node.js in Windows, just install software like other windows applications.
Step 2: Test your Node.js application
Open any code editor or notepad. Type console.log(‘Application Working’);. Save this file with .js extension (Example: test.js).
Step 3: Open Windows Command Prompt using start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt
Change your command line directory as Desktop using cd Desktop command.
Type node test.js (In this tutorial i am named my file as test.js) and press enter button. Its show Application
working (which added inside console.log(”).
Now it confirm your node,js is running in Windows. If you need Linux based Environment for Node.js in Windows use Cygin.
If you want to run any JavaScript in Node.js, you need to create JavaScript file like this,

var os = require("os");
var msg = 'Your System running under '+ os.platform() +' OS.';

The first one is the require function.

var os = require("os");

When you use a require statement, node searches for what’s called a module. In this case we specify to load os module. Require function return the object which represents all of code available in os module.
Save this example script as os.js file.
Now open your Command Prompt and change the directory to desktop.
Type node os.js

This script pull information from operating system and display in command line.
Try different operating system based utility functions in nodejs.
Try to run JavaScript files using this kind of method to learn Node.js.

Best E-Commerce Software, Frameworks and CMS to build Online Stores

E-Commerce based online stores are very useful to sell and buy products. Here i am provide list of best software’s,frameworks and content management system (CMS) to design E- Commerce websites.
Best E-Commerce Software’s and CMS
Magento is one of the most famous eCommerce software to build shopping cart websites. magento provide more extensions and add-ons to improve online stores. Magento also provide certification, forum support. World most famous shopping sites running under Magento software.
OpenCart is a another famous open source shopping cart solution. OpenCard provide search engine friendly eCommerce web design. OpenCart support 20+ payment gateways and 8+ shipping methods.
PrestaShop is a free and Open source e-commerce software. PrestaShop provide powerful navigation system and CRM, ERP integration.
osCommerce provide tools to setup self hosted online store. osCommerce offer 7000+ add-ons to make online store more effectively.
Spree Commerce
Opensource eCommerce platform powered by Ruby on Rails framework. Spree commerce uses sematic HTML. So we can easily customize and create minimal look themes. Spree Commerce offer powerful back end to control shipping and gateway configuration, order management and product management.
Zen Cart
Zen cart is a free, user friendly, open source shopping cart software. Zen cart offer plugin system to improve online stores.
Hero Framework
Hero framework is a open source PHP based content management system which support eCommerce platform. It’s provide taxes configuration by state or country. Hero framework offer many features such as automatically track inventories, promotional coupon code system and more.
Another open source eCommerce solution which support Ajax. ZenMagick provide many features such as Multi currency, Multi language, PHP based templating system and plugins.
Shopware 4
Shopware 4 is a Online shop software. Shopware 4 offer drag & drop editor to resize items, positions and Html text.
Tomato Cart
Opensource shopping cart solution designed to support all digital devices using responsive web design. Tomato cart offer Extensions to improve online shops.
X-Cart (premium)
X-Cart is a best one to build eCommerce sites. X-Cart offer responsive web design. X-Cart offer many features such as SEO friendly catalog, Facebook store app, advanced order management, Sign in via Google,Facebook etc.
Cubecart is a eCommerce platform available for free and premium.
Apache opensource enterprise automation software for eCommerce projects.
Another opensource eCommerce solution to build online stores.
Free and opensource flexible eCommerce solution.
StoreSprite is a shopping cart software totally free to use. 20 + integrated payments such as sage pay, Paypal, WorldPay, eway etc.
Also try osCMax, onxshop, Vamcart, LiteCommerce to build shopping sites.
Best E-Commerce Frameworks
Broadleaf commerce
Broadleaf commerce is a open source paltform based on spring framework. Broadleaf commerce use java technology. This framework fully support store, web and mobile. The most famous online stores Pepboys.com, WM.com and containerstore.com running under Broadleaf commerce framework.
Drupal Commerce
Drupal Commerce is one of the opensource eCommerce framework to build eCommerce websites and applications based on Drupal. Its have a official discussions community to solve issues.
Egg Basket
Egg basket is one of the eCommerce framework to build online stores. This frameworks provide easy administration.
If you want to integrate shopping cart system to your current website use SimpleCart (opensource java script shopping card). Also make your exiting shopping site as responsive.

Top Frameworks to Create WordPress Theme Options Panel

WordPress Themes options page save lots of time in editing. Many premium themes offer different kind of theme options page to customize and handle WordPress theme.But if we need any specific functions and controls in our theme, we need to create own theme options panel for our WordPress theme.
I am already list some frameworks to create WordPress themes. But they provide default theme option panel. So i am decide to list top frameworks to create WordPress theme option panel.
Slightly Modded Options framework (SMOF)
Slightly Modded options framework produce modern looking theme option page to control all over WordPress theme functions.
This framework offer many features such as Drag and Drop slider, Background patterns, Media library uploader etc.
This is a best framework for WordPress Theme developers.
Upthemes Framework
Upthemes framework is a powerful light weight theme options framework which contain extensible engine for SEO. this framework offer options to control custom layouts, color schemes, header and background images. It’s also support multiple languages.
NHP Theme Options Framework
NHP theme options framework is a simple an extendable theme option framework. NHP Theme options framework offer many features such as extendable validation classes, build in field types, custom error and warning handling, custom tab sections and import/export theme option settings.
Options Framework theme
Another framework to create WordPress theme option panel. This framework easily integrate with any WordPress theme. This framework offer options such as text, text area, check box, ratio buttons,multi check, typography, images instead of ratio buttons and editor.
My option panel
My option panel framework provide input fields, text area, select Dropdown, WySIWYG editor, date picker, time picker, typography fileds and Drag and Drop. Its also offer import and export features.
Redux Framework
Redux is a simple extendable options framework created based on NHP theme options framework. This framework also offer all over futures such as multiple layout field types, WordPress settings API use, over-ridden fields using call back functions, custom validation error handling, Hook points for customization, import and export function etc.
Another framework to create custom theme admin panel.
Some plugins also offer to create WordPress theme option panel. They are Options Framework Plugin and OptionTree plugin.
Options Framework
Options framework plugin is easy way to build WordPress theme option panel. It provide complete tutorial to create and customize theme options.
OptionTree is a theme options UI builder for WordPress. Its offer silky theme option layout. OptionTree plugin sponsored by ThemeForest (Largest WordPress theme market place in web).

Top JavaScript Frameworks (Client & Server Side)

JavaScript frameworks are the important one to develop desktop, browser and mobile applications. Here i am provide most well known JavaScript list.
Well known, popular and important JavaScript frameworks
YUI Library – opensource
YUI is a best JavaScript framework used to build rich web applications for browsers, mobile devices and servers.YUI is built by frontend engineers in Yahoo! .
jQuery – MIT License
jQuery is a fully featured JavaScript library. Its used to increase website interactivity and functions. There are lot of plugins available for jQuery. So you can build interactive forms, buttons, menus, animations, widgets, slideshows and gallery’s with jQuery.
MooTools – Opensource MIT license
MooTools is a object oriented JavaScript frameworks designed for advanced web developer. You can build drag & drop applications, Animation transitions, forms using MooTools.
Backbone.js – Opensource
Backbone provide structure for web applications. Its a MVC framework.
Angular JS – MIT License
Angular JS is a best one to write client side web applications for smart browsers. You can make client side form validation, navigation, using Angular JS.
Ember – opensource
Ember.js is one of the best JavaScript framework to build ambitious web applications. It provide auto updating template feature. So you make effective web applications with Ember.
Knockout – opensource (MIT license)
Knockout is a pure JavaScript framework. Its also work with any web framework. Its offer many useful features such as declarative bindings, automatic UI refresh and templating system.
batman.js is a client side JavaScript framework for Rails developers. You can build rich web applications using Coffee script & batman.js.
Provide lot of functional programming support.
Otherclient side JavaScript frameworks
Meteor – Opensource
Meter is a MV framework. You can written you entire application with pure JavaScript using Meteor.
Script.aculo.us is a best add on for Prototype framework. You can create animation effects, drag and drop functions and ajax controls using Script.aculo.us.
Dojo Toolkit
Dojo Toolkit is a simple light weight JavaScript framework to build high quality desktop and mobile applications.
Ext JS (commercial license)
Another MVC architecture JavaScript framework to build web application. it provide many interactive features.
qooxdoo – You can build websites. mobile application, single page web applications using qooxdoo.
Cappuccino – Better framework for Modern web development.
Scripty2 – Scripty2 is a flexible JavaScript framework which is helped to build delicious user interfaces.
AJS – Another lightweight JavaScript framework.
RightJS – Best JavaScript framework for web designer& front end developer. You can build visual effects, drag and drop functions, tool tips and Autocompleter using RightJS.
Durandal – MV architecture based SPA framework.
Glow – Apache licence. Glow provide simple DOM manipulation, animations, user interface widgets and event handling.
My Library – Another JavaScript library to build browser based applications.
DHTMLX -Rich JavaScript framework provide lot of UI components. Available for free and Pro editions.
Echo – Opensource JavaScript framework to develop rich web applications.
midorijs – Altra light weight framework. You can create pop up menus, auto complete & tabs selection using midori.
Raphaël – Best framework to create web graphics, animation & chart.
SproutCore – MVC framework. Provide build in tools to create great applications.
JavaScriptMVC – Provide collection of tools to build JavaScript applications. It is a best one for software engineers.
UIZE – UIZE provide templating system and code compression option to create better web application.
PureMVC – Easily create admin pages, Todo list with PureMVC.
Spine -Simple light weight framework to build JavaScript MVC applications.
ActiveJS – Another JavaScript application framework.
eyeballs.js -Build tidy web application using eyeballs.js (MVC framework).
Sammy.js – Small web framework which include plugins and adapter systems.
choco – Another delicious JavaScript framework.
Agility.js – You can write maintainable and reusable browser codes using Agility JS.
TrimJunction – Opensource junction framework. MVC framework.
CorMVC – jquery powered MVC framework.
Modernizr – Used to control HTML 5 and CSS3 features.
RequireJS – JavaScript file and modular loader.
CanJS – Better JavaScript framework to develop complex applications.
Maria – Another MVC framework.
Stapes.js – Micro MVC JavaScript framework.
Epitome -MVC (MVP) framework for moo tools.
somajs – Scalable JavaScript framework.
PlastronJS – MVC pattern framework for closure library and compiler.
<rAppid:js /> – MVC framework.
Serenade.js – Client side MVC JavaScript framework.
Kendo UI – Commercial framework. Kendo UI mostly used in mobile application development.
Zepto.js – Minimalist JavaScript library.
Server side JavaScript frameworks
Node.Js -Most famous server side JavaScript framework. Read Node.JS beginner tutorial for Window, Linux and Mac OS.
Helma -Server side framework to develop websites and internet applications.
Wankanda – Server side JavaScript API
spludo -High performance serer side open source MVC framework.
Ejscript -Another server side JavaScript web framework.
grasshopper – Featured MVC framework built on node.js.