Top 25 Free HTML5 & CSS3 Presentation Frameworks

Some frameworks offer way to create HTML5 powered web presentations for displaying in the browser. These frameworks are best web alternatives to MS power point and keynote.
Reveal.js is one of the best HTML presentation framework created by HAKIM EL HATTAB. Reveal.js provide lot of attractive features such as nested slides, markdown contents, speaker notes and PDF export. In this framework you can written responsive presentations using HTML or markdown.


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Impress.js is a CSS3 transitions and transforms based presentation framework for modern browsers.


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io-2012-slides is a Google HTML5 slide template project developed by Luke mahe and Marcin Wichary. You can create simple and stylish slideshow presentation using io-2012-slides. It offer features to add tables, slide with speaker notes, hightlight important section of code and slide with iframe.


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Shower is one of the best presentation engine build on HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript which support all modern browsers. it allow to create all kind of list, programming code highlight, tables and inner navigation.


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CSSS – CSS based slideshow system
CSSS is a simple presentation system which only support or work latest browsers(Firefox, Opera, Safari or Chrome). So you can only create modern web standard presentation.


desk.js is a JavaScript library for building modern slide presentations. It offer simple and attractive transitions to build better presentation.


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Flowtime.js is a presentation framework based on HTML/CSS3/JS. It provide better support for modern browsers.
Features: Code snippets highlight, native parallax support, fluid layout system and alternative navigation control.


Fathom.js is a jQuery powered JavaScript framework. You can create presentations using HTML and provide styles with CSS.


DZSlides is a one file HTML template system. You can build slides in HTML5 and CSS3 using DZSlides. You can include any text, images, video or iframes inside slides. DZSlides support touch events. So you can create mobile friendly web slide shows.


Scrolldesk.js is a jQuery plugin to create scrolling presentation desks.


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Simple presentation framework to create beautiful presentations in HTML, JS and OOCSS.


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Squeenote is a browser based presentation engine to create live HTML5 presentations.


landslide is a markdown based HTML5 slideshow generator. You can export your presentation as PDF using PrinceXML.


Pow is a simple web presentation tool. You can create simple and powerful slide pretensions using HTML and JavaScript.


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Beskpoke.js is a DIY presentation micro framework.


Another presentation library with scroll based navigation. Stack under the BSD license.


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Create interactive live coding HTML5 -based presentations using CoderDeck.


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3D Cube Slideshow
3D Cube Slideshow is designed & developed by JoeMorgan. You can easily create 3D CSS transitions and transforms between slides using 3D cube slideshow.
Luminescence is a application for generating simple slide presentations from markdown.
HTML Slidy
HTML Slidy offer to create power point like accessible slideshows in HTML and XHTML.
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S5 is a simple slide show system offer to create XHTML, CSS and JavaScript based slideshows.
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Another HTML presentation framework which support syntax highlighting, incremental slides and keyboard navigation.
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Shining is a framework to create awesome browser presentations in HTML, CSS & JS.
Slidedown offer to create syntax highlighted slide presentations from Markdown.


HTML5 slideshow presentation plugin for WordPress available now. So you can create HTML5 presentations in your WordPress blog. – Opensource online HTML5 Presentation Editor.

5 Best HTML5 Video Player JavaScript Libraries

Best free HTML 5 video player, JavaScript and CSS library to create HTML5 video player for your website.
Video.js is an open-source JavaScript and CSS library used to build HTML5 Video player. It provides an automatic fallback for older browsers. It provides build in skin and API for accessing and controlling videos.
Popcorn.js is an HTML5 media framework for filmmakers and web developers to create time-based interactive media.
Free and Opensource lightweight HTML5 audio / video library written in JavaScript. It support all major platforms. It allows to use jQuery to deploy and control all of your HTML5 audio and video elements
Projekktor is a self-hosted, open source video and audio player. Projekktor offers a unified API for controlling content.
MediaElement is a open source js library. It builds a fully skinnable player. It creates a fallforward to bring all browsers up to the same level of support.

How to Submit Sitemap to Google, Bing, Baidu & Yandex

Best way to create and submit website or Blog sitemap to Google, Bing and Yandex search engines.
Easy Method : Submit sitemap submission by ping.
Google – Most famous search engine in the Internet world Sitemap URL Sitemap URL
Bing -2nd famous search Engine Sitemap URL Sitemap URL
Yandex -Most famous Russian Search Engine Sitemap URL (Registration required Sitemap URL
Baidu – Most famous chinese search Engine
Replace Website Sitemap URL word with your site sitemap url.
Example: Readers Park sitemap url is
So Google ping sitemap submission url is
Resources : Google Sitemap guide

How to Submit URL to Google, Bing, Baidu & Yandex

Simple steps to add your website url for indexing in most famous search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu and Yandex.
Submit URL to Google search engine.
Submit URL to Bing search engine.
Submit URL to Baidu search engine.
Submit URL to Yandex search engine.

12 Best Free WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins

Best free WP plugins to send posts as a Email newsletter.
MailPoet Newsletters (formerly Wysija)
Automatically Send post notifications as newsletters from WordPress. It provide Drag & drop visual editor, subscription form for blog sidebar.
Email newsletter
It send emails for particular person who commended, registered, subscribed your blog.
It provide useful features such as unlimited subscribers and newsletters, subscription widget and subscriber’s preferences.
SendPress: Email Marketing and Newsletters
Free plugin to create, send and track newsletters fro your WordPress site.
Send post notification via newsletter based on post, daily, weekly and monthly.
WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin
It provide option to import subscribers from Feedburner and Aweber.
ALO EasyMail Newsletter
It provide multilanguage support, newsletter themes and sending report.
Newsletter Manager
Free plugin to create and send email newsletters.
Knews Multilingual Newsletters
Professional newsletter plugin which support multilanguage.
Sendit Newsletter
Send email notification when new post published.
MailUp newsletter sign-up form

Newsletter Sign-Up

How to install and run Node.js on Ubuntu Linux

Install and Test Node.js on Ubundu Linux
Download Node.js for Linux
Step 1: First open Terminal.
Step 2: Install Node.js using app get
Type sudo app-get install nodejs. Hit return.
Next open Text editor. Type console.log(‘Application Working’);Save this file as test.js in your home directory.
Step 3: In your Terminal type node test.js. It run and make out put as “Application Working”.
If you want to run any JavaScript in Node.js, you need to create JavaScript file like this,

var os = require("os");
var msg = 'Your System running under '+ os.platform() +' OS.';

The first one is the require function.

var os = require("os");

When you use a require statement, node searches for what’s called a module. In this case we specify to load os module. Require function return the object which represents all of code available in os module.
Save this example script as os.js file.
Now open your Terminal and change the directory to desktop.
Type node os.js

This script pull information from operating system and display in command line.
Try different operating system based utility functions in nodejs.
Try to run JavaScript files using this kind of method to learn Node.js.

Best SEO Tools to Check Website Review & SEO Status

Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to make money and visitors for bloggers, web designers, web developers and Professional SEO workers. Most of peoples include web designers and bloggers does not now about Basic SEO methods. That’s why they lose their traffic and visitors. So i am decide to list best SEO software and SEO analyzing websites for SEO works.
How to Find Your Webiste or Blog SEO Status
Use and for Complete Blog or Website SEO analysis. You can find current SEO status for you Website / Blog and your website get guaranteed back links. These Baclinks are very useful to increase your website traffic. Because these kind of websites have Google page rank 6 and minimum domain authority 68 to 78 for 100. So your website based these links quickly indexed in Google, Bing,Yahoo and other search engines. If your website name does not indexed in secondary search engine like Bing and yahoo, these links help to index your site in other search engines.
These software’s and websites are very useful to analysis your website or blog,

  • Traffic
  • Alexa Rank and Page Rank
  • How many pages indexed in Google and Bing
  • Social monitoring and mobile optimization
  • Keywords in Google position
  • SEO based URL and robots.txt file
  • Best keywords, Competitors in Google
  • Text/Html ratio, Back links details
  • 404 error page details
  • Print- friendly CSS details
  • Website page size and loading time
  • Dublin core status
  • W3C validity and Encoding
  • DMOZ listing details
  • Find Your page Authority, Domain Authority
  • Html heading details (<H1> to <H6> for SEO) and more.

Best SEO Software for SEO analysis
URI Valet
URl Valet is a best tool to check server headers to find Text to HTML ratio, Internal links, External links, Meta tag information. URL valet provide complete chart to find HTML, CSS, Images, CSS images, Multimedia content, XML and scripts Qty.
Google’s Keyword Tool :
Any keyword analysis tools does not equal to Google’s keyword tool. Because this keyword tool produce results based on Google search results. You can find category and country based Google search engine results. These results very useful to increase location based search results for you website. So you can find profitable keywords for Google SEO.
Google Web Master Tool :
If you not set your website in Google Webmaster tool, you can not find your website problems based on Google search. Google webmaster tool offer crawl error details, malware on your site, Search queries, crawl status, internal links and more. You can also optimize your website page index in Google search results using Fetch as Google option.
Google webmaster tools have lot of futures.But here i am explained few of them.
Google Analytics :
If you want to find your complete visitors details based on search queries, Google analytic is the best choice. Google analytics provides lots of details find visitors and their keywords, Adsence details, In-Page analysis ans more. So you can find past and current visitors details using Google analytics.
Traffic Travis:
Traffic Travis offer free and paid SEO software’s. But its free version provide all major SEO details about your website. So you can find your SEO details from various country based Google, Bing, yahoo search engines. If you want to use any free SEO software i recommended Traffic Travis. Otherwise use SEOmoz for corporate based website analysis works. Also many keyword analysis tools available online. But Free Monitor for Google like some keyword analysis tools still famous.
Website Speed Test Tool
Pingdom is a best online website speed testing tool. This application provide speed related details about your website which script or plugin reduce your website speed.
Learn Basic SEO Methods
Google direcly show How Google Search Works. So first of all learn all SEO basics. Because SEO professional peoples first use basic SEO methods to increse website and blog traffic. They made SEO works based on their own search knowledge. You can also make SEO works without these software’s.Basic On page optimization is best for starting SEO works. Also learn Google Panda, Penguin algorithms and only White hat SEO methods.
Best WordPress SEO plugins
If your website run under use free SEO plugins like WordPress SEO, All in One SEO pack and paid SEO plugin SEOPressor. These plugins really help to make your SEO works in WordPress websites.

Fix "The application (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

Google play app was accidentally uninstalled in HTC Evo 4G LTE. When users try to reinstall they getting an error message like “The application (process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again”.
Reason for the issue: Play store can’t be normally removed from your phone unless you rooted your Android phone.
Fix 1:-
If you rooted your phone and have root access, properly install the proper gaps (all google product apps that are preloaded into a single package ) you need to be installed in it recovery.
Fix 2:-

  1. Remove battery & SD card
  2. Then put battery back on your Phone
  3. Turn on your Android phone.
  4. Then reset phone and wait till phone is fully reset
  5. Now remove battery and put SD memory card back in phone
  6. Put battery back on your phone and turn on phone

Fix 3:-
If you have root access use root browser app to delete the folder for
Located in  /data/data/
Then try to re-install Google play store.

On page and Off page SEO. Which is best?

On page and Off page SEO both best to increase your website or blog traffic.
Many corporate companies, website owners, blogger really confused to choose right SEO service such as On page SEO and Off page SEO.
If you decide to make SEO works for your websites or blogs, first understand difference between On page SEO and Off Page SEO. It is not necessary website owners learn SEO. But they must need basic understanding to choose right SEO service for their websites.
What is On page Optimization ?
Every professional SEO service company website definitely give basic reference about On page optimization. I give suggestion,
On page optimization is a organic way to increase website traffic with its basic elements which really fulfill search engine needs.”
In On page optimization work you or someone add website based details such as keywords, description, sitemap in your website. So if you try to give this work to someone, you must give website administrator details, hosting details such as username and password. Careful to give this kind of information to someone who make your SEO service.
What is Off page SEO ?
Off page SEO is another way to increase your website traffic using Social Media Optimization (SMO), link building etc. SEO workers first take your major webpage url links and they share this links in various social networks and social bookmarking websites. They also try to store your web page url with useful details in online directories. This method called link building.
So How Off page optimization works for SEO?
SEO workers share your information and web page links in most valuable websites which have best Alexa Rank (Alexa Rank- Universal Internet based websites ranking system) and Google page rank (ranking system based on Google).
This shared links index your web page in various search engines via master web page url index. Off page optimization is really useful to compete other website in search engine.
So Which is best ? On page optimization or Off page optimization
Both are best. But my suggestion compare to others on page optimization is most important and valuable for search engine optimization. Because major search engines such as Google, Bing, yahoo first look out you web page information via on page optimization. Then they try to analysis social media shares, back-links etc.
Here Off page optimization does not end in any time. You need to make this optimization regularly, If you wish to compete your competitors websites in search engines. But if you make perfect on page optimization in one time you need not update it anytime. If your blog or website have off page optimization but it does not have any on page optimization, your website definitely loose its traffic in search engines. So think these guidelines before make search engine optimization.

SEO Friendly URL Structure For Website and Blog

Every bloggers and SEO really need to know SEO URL (SEO friendly url structure) to boost their traffic and visitors. But most of them does not know its real use. If your blog or website does not have SEO friendly url , your website defiantly loose some percentage of rank and visitors in search engine.
What is SEO URL (SEO Friendly URL) Structure ?
SEO friendly url structure provides keyword information about your blog post or website page to search engines. Its really useful to boost your website traffic in search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing, baidu etc.
Many people confuse to assign their blog or website url structure for SEO. So here i am trying to provide right kind of SEO url structure details from world most famous blog and websites url structure comparison.
SEO URL Structure For General and Technology blogs
World Most Famous Technology blog – url structure for SEO
Sample url Structure : “ running based on WordPress content management system. Amit Agarwal provide Url structure for his blog as
http://Website name/category/only keyword based words form post /page id
Amit Agarwal provide different kind of SEO structure for his post
Example Url :
Heading : “How to Write a Yii App for your Website in 5 Minutes”
SEO Title : “How to Create Yii Apps and Extensions for your Website – Tutorial”
Usage for this SEO url (SEO friendly url ) Structure for search engine optimization are

  • WordPress page id really useful to shorten your post url to share in social medias such as Facebook, twitter and Google plus example:
  • This url stucture does not have any date details to show how old are this post.

SEO URL Structure For Marketing and Search engine blogs
Search Engine Based blog – url structure for SEO
Their blog sample Url Structure is :
Search engine journal is one of the most famous search engine optimization based blog.
search engine journel have Url structure for their blog as
http://Website name/SEO friendly title based url /page id
Their blog url structure is same as url structure. But little bit change. They not add any category details to their url. So their blog url structure make search engine based optimizations are

  • Their blog url does not directly provide date information for their visitors.
  • They create SEO friendly titles for their post. So they does not need any keyword based url change for search engine optimization.
  • Their url structure have page id. So they can easily assign same url title for another post

Matt Cutts (Head of webspam at Google) – blog url Structure for SEO
Matt Cutts working in Google . So he must know some important rules about SEO. His blog have url structure as
http://Website name/blog/SEO friendly title based url
Usage for this blog structure as

  • This blog url structure have name as blog (example : /blog/). So news published websites such as Google news easily understand what kind of post is this and its really useful to increase blog traffic via news websites.
  • This blog have simple url structure. So its another way to less search engines works.

Here you must mind one thing. Matt Cutts is most famous person in internet. So most of people now his blog. So Matt Cutts blog does not need any additional qualification to get its traffic.
SEO URL Structure For News blogs
News based blog – url structure for SEO is one of the world most famous news blog. So they defiantly concentrate for their blog traffic to fight another news blogs such as,
Mashable blog have an url structure like
http://Website name/date/only keyword based short words form post/
General Usage for this url Structure as,

  • This is a News based website. So they must provide news date via url
  • This dates really useful to understand search engines as which blog first released important news
  • This dates really increase year based search traffic. Example : some one try to find best software in 2013 via their search, if your post have 2013 in url your blog definitely get traffic via this kind of search.
  • This blog have big titles and small url. So this thing make some kind of SEO work as well.

News based blog – url structure for SEO
Techcrunch blog have an url structure most same as mashable such as
http://Website name/date/SEO friendly title based url/
SEO URL Structure For Multi Topic based Blogs
Reviews, News,tech,downloads Based blog-
Cnet is one of the world most famous blog and website to download softwares, read tech and general news. They make their blog url structure for SEO as
Review based posting url structure : name/product/SEO friendly title based url /id
News based posting url structure : name/id/SEO friendly title based url /id
download based posting url structure : name/software name/id.html?tag related structure
Online TV Chanel based posting url structure : Their tv name/tags
Ever green content (How to) based url structure : name/id/SEO friendly title based url
Finally, if you want to change your website or blogs URL structure as SEO friendly

  • Decide right url structure from this kind of blogs
  • Does not change your url at continually. It definitely affect your website traffic in search engines. Because your website url lost its social media optimization.
  • If you not set any right kind of redirect option for your old postings (after change your website or blog url structure), your blog definitely get many crawl errors. So this this loose your website traffic and visitors.

So be careful to change your url structure for SEO. Consider about guide lines and increase your traffic very well in search engines.