Best Code Editors for PHP, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript etc

Code Editors really save lot of time in web designing. Every web designer and we developer need best code editors to make websites faster. I am already provide HTML 5 supported web designing software list. Here i am list useful code editors.
Sublime Text
Sublime Text is best code editor for web designers and developers. Sublime text provide extraordinary features, user friendly rich interface, many shortcuts, functions.
It’s main features are

  • Word Higlighting
  • Split editing
  • Auto indent
  • Distraction free mode
  • Retina performance

Aptana Studio (free)
Aptana Studio is a most powerful open source web development tool for Windows. Aptana support HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rails and Java script.
Feature are

  • Faster JSLint processing
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Built-in Terminal
  • Automatically publish Ruby and Rail applications to hosting service

Komodo Edit (free)
Komodo Edit is a advanced editor to edit codes fast. It was a free editor which provide all major functions. Komodo Edit many web languages (HTML, CSS, Pytho, PHP, Perl, Ruby and JavaScript).
Komodo edit offer features such as

  • Syntax Highlighting and testing
  • Code folding
  • Split view editing
  • Auto complete and call tips
  • Extensions and Add-Ons facility
  • Snippets and Micros

Notepad++ (free)
Notepad++ is free source code editor which support several languages. Notepad++ running under Windows.
Features are

  • Syntax Folding and highlighting
  • Auto completion
  • User defined Syntax highlighting
  • Macro recording and playback
  • PCRE search and replace

Eclipse (free)
Eclipse is a best editor to develop Java applications. Eclipse support many programming languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, Ada, Fortran, Haskell, PHP, Python, Groovy, Erlang, Clojure, Ruby and Rails.
SlickEdit is a cross platform multi language editor which support over 50 languages and 9 platforms. SlickEdit offer custom shortcuts, Syntax expansion, backup history, auto completions, syndax driven searching and regex evaluator.
UltraEdit is award winning code and text editor for windows, Mac and Linux. UltraEdit support HTML, CSS, SAS, HEX, PHP, JAVA, Javascript, PL/SQL, Visual Basic and Unix shell scripts.
NetBeans (free)
NetBeans IDE is a free and opensource editor to develop web applications with HTML , XML, Java,JSP, Javadoc, PHP, C++ etc.
Features are

  • Fast smart code editing
  • Static analysis tools to find and clear bugs
  • Cross paltform support
  • Plugins support

Brackets (free)
Brackets is a best opensource editor for webdesign. you can easily edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes using Brackets.
Features are

  • Live preview
  • Quick Edit
  • user friendly interface

Best Code Editors for MAC
Coda is a web development software for Mac OS X. Coda support plugins. it also offer features such as code folding, smart complete, dynamic place holders, live updating, built in MySQL editor, HTML and CSS validation.
BBEdit is a professional text editor for Macintosh.
Features are

  • Grep pattern matching
  • Search and replace across multiple files
  • Project definition tools
  • Syntax coloring
  • Apple script support
  • Mac OS X Unit scripting support

CSSEdit is a another web editor for MAC OS.
Feature are

  • Smart snippets
  • Zen actions
  • Real time live styling
  • X-ray Inspecter

TextMate is a general purpose text editot for Mac OS X.

  • Recordable macros
  • Snippets
  • Shell integration
  • Folding sections

Sublime Text, Komodo IDE, UltraEdit,NetBeans and SlickEdit support Windows, Mac and Linux OS.
If you know any other best code editors, do let us via comment.
Note: Espresso instead of CSSEdit since that app is no longer in development and was basically merged with Espresso 2.

Fixed : Windows 10 Failed to install Error Code 80240020

After installing Windows 10 upgrade, control panel update history shows some files installation failed. What does this error mean? Is my Windows 10 installation process is unfinished or files corrupted?

Simple solution:- 

  1. Navigate to “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download” and delete everything in that folder.
  2. Run Command prompt as an administrator and type “wuauclt.exe /update now“.
  3. Navigate to Control Panel -> Windows Update. Windows 10 should start re-downloading files from scratch.

If this solution solves your “Windows 10 upgrade install Error Code 80240020”, inform us using the comment form.

How do I close/cancel a SBI credit card

Here i am not recommended to cancel or close your SBI credit card account. Because i face a lot of problems to close my SBI credit card.
There are not provide any guaranty to provide your complete balance money.
My story:

I have a account 25,000 cash deposited credit card account in SBI bank. I can’t pay my monthly installment. So i decided to close my account. I contact my local SBI bank credit card agent. but they said, “There is no way is available now to close your credit card directly. You need to send a letter about credit card cancellation in Delhi” So i send a letter. but they not answer me 2 months. They also charge the fine.
Next i am try to solve this problem via email. but it also take 3 month to close my credit card account. finally i only got just Rs 105. So consider before close your SBI credit card.
If you want to close your SBI credit card, pay full installment and get full deposit amount.
Email to SBI credit card cancellation.
1.Bank Name
2.IFSC code
3.Branch code
4.Account number
5.Beneficiary Name
6. Scanned letter copy
Bank Name – State Bank if India
IFSC code– Ask your bank. they provide IFSC code
Branch code– Each bank have their own bank code.
Account Number– Your credit card number
Beneficiary Name – your name
Scanned letter copy – write a letter to SBI credit card to mention your account number, bank information and reason to close your account. Scan this letter and attach this letter in your email.
SBI credit card cancellation
SBI card cancel
Send this details to via your own email address.
or use ordinary post to close card.
Postal Address
P.O Bag No. 28,
New Delhi 110001
SBI helpline Numbers
Contact SBI customer care to cancel your SBI credit card. They not cancel your credit card. But they provide detailed instruction to close your credit card.
39 020202
1860 180 1290 (toll free number only MTNL and BSNL)
Report series problem to SBI notal officer via email
If they not provide any proper response contact
There is no sbi credit card closing forum available in their official website.
Email Format:-
Dear Sir / Madam,
I want to close my credit card account, because i cannot make payment properly. Card is based on monthly payment 2500 EMI per month.
Primary Card Number:
Account No:
IFSC code :
Branch code: (Your bank brach code)
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Beneficiary Name : Your Name
Savings Bank Account No:
Scanned copy attached this mail. I believe you will take action immediately .
Thanking you,
With Regards,
Your Name
or write a letter for closing your sbi account.

How to create web design without Coding (Complete Guide)

If you not a web designer and also if you want to create website without using any piece of code, no problem. If you use these software and tools you do’not need to know or learn, coding languages such as HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP or JavaScript. Just create you own website design using drag and drop way.
If you have a money ?
Then buy these professional web design software once. They are not restrict any features in these software. they don’t ask money each time if you create a new web designs.
Lot of web design software available in internet. But some software only offer user friendly interface, tools and SEO options.
Serif WebPlus 7
Most useful professional webdesign software for non programmers. This software offer many features. But most important little things are Drag and drop layout design, ready made navigation bars, HTML 5 support, easy browser preview and e-commerce site design options.
It provide lot of of build in templates include mobile templates. you can create your site using WYSIWYG visual designing. It also provide pre-built social profile, social sharing buttons and Google map options.
You can also add any analytic’s codes like Google Analytics, statcounter or Google webmaster verification file. Its also provide SEO options to add meta keywords, description for each page. WebPlus have a built-in function to create you website sitemap.
So you don’t need to worry about your website loading speed, Analytics, organic SEO methods, Adding music, PDFs, Videos, contact form, sign up or feedback form creation. It also provide options to host your website directly from WebPlus to your web host.
Other Premium web design software
WebEasy Professional 9 – Another useful and most famous premium web design software. It automatically generate html codes from your drag and drop. Its also provide social media integration, SEO tools and eCommerce solution like Paypal buttons, eBay web page wizard. It provide Internet Explorer 9, Firebox 3.5 and smart phone compatible websites.
Here i only list featured web design software.
If you not have any money?
No problem. Use professional free web design software to create your sites. They are provide many features to create best websites.
Adobe Muse CC
Adobe, big american company provide free drag and drop way web design software named Adobe Muse CC. But you need Creative Cloud account. Don’t worry. It’s also free.
Easily add custom navigation, face book like or twitter tweet button, YouTube, Video videos, Google maps, contact form or side shows with drag and drop way. You can also host your site directly using FTP function from Adobe Muse. It automatically generate sitemap to optimize your site for Google, Bing search engines.
You can also access hundreds of fonts hosted in Adobe Type kit.
Join free Adobe cloud plan (30 day trial). Its provide 2GB cloud storage for one month.
What about my option to create Drag and drop way Web design?
If you newbie for web design and you only need 5 or 6 page website, these thing are OK. But if you want to create blog or forum, choose WordPress like content management systems to create blogs and MyBB like forum management software.

Learn English – Best Free Video Courses, Games, Books and Websites

Learn American or British English using Free Video learning courses, websites, e-books (PDF) and other resources. Here i am list some useful courses for kids, adults and non-native speakers.
These courses based on beginners to advanced level.

One of the most famous and useful site to learn grammar, American English, vocabulary, slang, pronunciation and business English. Now 9 professional teachers made English learning videos for you. If you want to learn american English then you need to learn lot of their slang lessons.
Voice of America
Voice of america is one of the best site for English learners. Especially i like their English in a minute videos.
They are awesome videos to learn and understand what this phrase means in American English. They save lot of time in your English learning. They also provide Learning english TV, Audio English lessons and Talk2us community program.
learn english
Learn English 232
Another popular free English learning video courses.
AE American English ( official american state government website)
Here they offer English teaching forum, Trace Effects Game, Free Text books and other resources.
British council official English learning courses
British council offer English learning courses for kids, Learn English teens ( adult) and English teacher resources to teaching English.
BBC Learning English Pronunciation Tips
Most famous and powerful British English pronunciation video tutorials.
Other Best Premium English Learning Courses
Learn Real English

World most famous and easy way yo learn English conversation for speaking English. It also provide way to learn grammar.
Best American English Dictionary
The New Oxford American Dictionary – Most famous one to learn American English words.
The American Heritage Dictionary: Fifth Edition – If you already buy New Oxford Dictionary then another choice is this one.
Also check The American Heritage College Dictionary.

Best .ePub File Reader, Software, Browser Extensions

List of free software and browser extensions to open .ePub ebooks via software or browsers.
If you new to .ePub file format, then you have a doubt about ” What is .ePub file format and how to open .ePub file format?”.
Here is the solution.

It is a standard e-book file format which is mostly supported by all e book reading devices such as Sony Reader, iPhone and IREX Reader.
Best Software to open .epub files (free)
FB Reader – It support Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
EPUB File Reader – Free software to open .epub files. Best epub file reader for windows 7, Windows 8.
Adobe Digital Editions – Adobe software to open and read e-books ( not Adobe Reader). Create Adobe account and download this software.
Sumatra PDF – Another choice to read e books.
Browser Extensions to open .epub e-books

EPUBReader – EPUB File Reader For Firefox.
MagicScroll eBook Reader – Chrome Browser Extension to open and read .epub files.
.ePub Reader For Your Smart Phones

EPUB Reader – Best free Android app to read .epub files.
FB Reader for Android
Aldiko- eBook Reader for Android– Another choice to read epub files.
FB Reader for Blackberry
If you want to create your own .ePub files?

Sigil – Free .epub file creator.
calibre– It also available for portable software.
iBooks Author (for iPhone) – Free iPhone app to create .ePub files via iPhone.

12 Best Joomla Templates to create Movie Review, Trailer Sites

A list of responsive SEO friendly Joomla template or themes to create Movies review, news, gallery, trailer websites. All theme Works with Joomla! 2.5.x and Joomla! 3.x.
Moviedom – Premium responsive Joomla template to create movie websites.You can add slider, pop up signup box, rate system, Pop up trailer etc.
IT Cinema 3 – Responsive joola the to create movie review site.
SJ Asolar – Responsive Joomla Template. It provide awesome features such as Front-end Cpanel for changing Theme, mega drop down menu, Carousel, extra slider and SJ Social Media Counter.
BT Movies – Responsive layout, template support moo tools, Running under T3 Framework Version 3. it provide compare option, user review system.
ZT Movie – Fully mobile friendly theme, It using Z02 framework, lot of shortcodes.
IndieLife – Indie film enthusiast based theme. Mega drop down menu. Created based on film trailer site.
Youmovies – Responsive.
Joomla Video Plus – Free responsive Joomla template for movie site. Demo
JA Obelisk – Responsive entertainment and movies theme Demo
HD Channel – YJ pop login, YJ Live search, YJ image slider. Demo
JTAG TV Joomla Template – non-responsive template. Demo
Hot Cinema – Best for film review site. Demo

How to transfer Money From SBI to SBI account via OnlineSBI

If you want to transfer money from one SBI Bank account to another SBI bank account via online SBI service, follow my steps.
First login your Online SBI Account.
Go to Payments/Transfer Section.
SBI transfer Money
Choose Fund Transfer in jump to section and click Go button.
Then choose Third Party Transfer.
Click here to add a new Intra-Bank Beneficiary.
SBI manage bank transfer
Enter your Online SBI Profile Password.
SBI add bank account
Enter the Beneficiary details like
SBI to SBI money transfer
Account Number:
Transfer limit:
Click submit option.

How to Create Free Email with own Domain using Zoho

Tutorial to learn how to make free custom email address for your own domain. In this tutorial i am using Godaddy ( Domain registration provider) and Zoho ( Ad Free email service).
So how to get a custom email domain for free?
First Create a Free account in Zoho Mail (Free Plan).
Free plan

  • 5 GB/User mail storage
  • 5GB shared doc storage
  • You can host 1 domain (per you email)
  • 10 users (thats mean you can create 10 custom email address based on your domain.

After complete new signup, you need to verify your domain name.
3 methods are available to verify your domain name. They are

  • CNAME method
  • TXT Record Method
  • HTML Method

They provide different tutorials for godaddy, 1 & 1, Blue Host, Enom, Hostgator,,, Yahoo domains, Euro DNS, square space, WordPress DNS and Cpanel DNS.
After verification complete, create or add email users and custom email address.
Next MX records of your domain to receive emails.
That’s all.
Zoho: cannot receive email (Solved)
Now i complete domain based custom email address for my email as your instructions. I can send emails to any persons include gmail address. but i cannot receive email from other ones like gmail address.
So how to solve this problem?
In order to receive email from others for your custom domain based email address, you need to configure MX records for email delivery.
They already provide detailed guides to configure MX records for various domain based services such as GoDaddy, 1 & 1, Enom, Euro DNS, cPanel, Hostgator, BlueHost, WordPress, SquareSpace,, Network Solutions, Yahoo and

20 Best YouTube Channels to Learn English

Best YouTube channels to learn both American and British English. I am already provide list of Video Courses, Games, Books and Websites to learn English.
YouTube channels to learn British English

YouTube channels to learn American English

Other Channels