Learn how to connect your Bluetooth wireless phone with a laptop, so that you can send and receive files.
How to connect Bluetooth headset to pc (Windows 8/7)

  1. Set your Bluetooth headset into pairing mode.
  2. On your computer, go to Start -> Control panel -> Devices & Printers.
  3. Select Add a Device. Add a Device window will appear, search and find your device.
  4. When headset appears, select it and click Next.
  5. if promotes enter passkey like 0000 and select Next.
  6. Click close.

How to pair a Bluetooth device with PC
Connecting your Bluetooth wireless phone with windows laptop is called pairing. Here I am using blackberry curve to show how it works.
You can do this thing with any Bluetooth enabled headset, also the menu options slightly depend on mobiles.
Step 1: Ensure Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone. For Blackberry mobiles, select “Setup Bluetooth” app from the main screen. Then select “Enable Bluetooth” after clicking the menu button.
Step 2: I think your laptop comes with Build-in Bluetooth adapter ( Or you can get the external Bluetooth adapter like this one, then plug into one computer USB port.
Step 3: Next setup Windows computer to allow the Bluetooth connection. If your laptop comes with Bluetooth, you can see a Bluetooth icon in Control Panel (Start button -> Control Panel).
Step 4: Double Click the Bluetooth icon. It will popup a Bluetooth dialog box. Select the options tab and make sure click the checkboxes.

  • “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer”
  • “Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer”

Step 5: Next select the Devices tab and press the “Add” button.  This will launch “Add Bluetooth Device wizard”. After verifying, your headset is set up and ready to found.

Step 6: Select your Bluetooth device and press Next to setup password.
Add your own custom password or allow Windows to select one for you.  Press Next and enter the password on your mobile.
After you entered a password in your mobile, Windows will finish the pairing process and your smartphone will be connected to PC.
If you want to send a file from your computer to phone, right-click the file and select “Send by Bluetooth to” option.  Then choose your phone as a recipient.

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