How to Fix: Restricted access changed error on Android

Recently lot of Android users (Nexus 4,5 , HTC ONE, Moto X, Moto G, LG G2, LG G3 ) getting error message like “Restricted access changed. Data service is blocked” error message.
After this message appears, the network signals disappears. Then users need to reboot their smartphone to get the signal back on.
Restricted access changed
Reason for this issue?
This problem happened because of the particular app.
Fix 1:- Use your mobile in Safe mode
Boot your smart phone in safe mode. It will disable all 3rd party apps except default apps. Useyour phone in safe mode at least 24 hours.
You can put Nexus 5 phone in safe mode using the following method.

  • Long press “power” button
  • Long press power off button. It will popup a message about Reboot in safe mode. Click OKReboot to safe mode
  • Now your mobile will work in safe mode. If you want to revert it again, just restart.

Fix 2:- (If you still getting error in Safe mode)
If you still getting “Restricted access changed. Data service is blocked” error in Safe mode, that mean this issue happened because of the 3rd part app.
In fact, this issue happened because of the default app update in Nexus 5.
In Nexus 5, navigate to Settings -> App. Visit each default app and choose “Uninstall updates” option.
Uninstall Google services apps updates like Google map, Google play store, Hangout, ,
Fix 3:-
If none of the solution worked, restore your phone to factory settings.
Other fixes:-

  • Go to Settings -> Apps-> Running. Stop the services and cached process.
  • Remove the SIM. Then re-insert again.

If you find solution for this error or similar errors like “Restricted Access Changed. Emergency service is blocked”, “Restricted access changed. Voice service is blocked, do let us via comment.