How to Rotate Screen in Windows 7 using Shortcut Key

Learn how to rotate Windows 7 screen using a keyboard shortcut. Rotate option appears in screen resolution dialog box. But this option only works if it is supported by the installed hardware/drivers. You need to have a monitor that is capable of rotating.
Common shortcut key to rotate Windows 7 screen
Most of the monitors like nVidia, HP laptop uses Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Keys (up or down arrow) to rotate Windows 7.

  1. If you have ATI Radeon adapter, Install the latest version of Catalyst Control Center;
    In the main screen, windows click  “Preferences” button.
    Select the first option like “Hotkeys” or similar,
    Double click the items you’d like to activate & assign a hotkey  Ex: CTRL-ALT+Cursor key
    Press OK.

Create own hot key in HP laptops with ATI Radeon HD

Go to Control Panel -> Display -> Screen resolution -> Advanced settings -> AMD VISION Engine Control Center -> Desktops and displays desktop management -> Rotate desktop -> preferences -> hotkeys (manager) and create e ctrl+alt+(arrow key) hotkeys to rotate the Windows 7 display


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