Top JavaScript Frameworks (Client & Server Side)

JavaScript frameworks are the important one to develop desktop, browser and mobile applications. Here i am provide most well known JavaScript list.
Well known, popular and important JavaScript frameworks
YUI Library – opensource
YUI is a best JavaScript framework used to build rich web applications for browsers, mobile devices and servers.YUI is built by frontend engineers in Yahoo! .
jQuery – MIT License
jQuery is a fully featured JavaScript library. Its used to increase website interactivity and functions. There are lot of plugins available for jQuery. So you can build interactive forms, buttons, menus, animations, widgets, slideshows and gallery’s with jQuery.
MooTools – Opensource MIT license
MooTools is a object oriented JavaScript frameworks designed for advanced web developer. You can build drag & drop applications, Animation transitions, forms using MooTools.
Backbone.js – Opensource
Backbone provide structure for web applications. Its a MVC framework.
Angular JS – MIT License
Angular JS is a best one to write client side web applications for smart browsers. You can make client side form validation, navigation, using Angular JS.
Ember – opensource
Ember.js is one of the best JavaScript framework to build ambitious web applications. It provide auto updating template feature. So you make effective web applications with Ember.
Knockout – opensource (MIT license)
Knockout is a pure JavaScript framework. Its also work with any web framework. Its offer many useful features such as declarative bindings, automatic UI refresh and templating system.
batman.js is a client side JavaScript framework for Rails developers. You can build rich web applications using Coffee script & batman.js.
Provide lot of functional programming support.
Otherclient side JavaScript frameworks
Meteor – Opensource
Meter is a MV framework. You can written you entire application with pure JavaScript using Meteor.
Prototype is a best add on for Prototype framework. You can create animation effects, drag and drop functions and ajax controls using
Dojo Toolkit
Dojo Toolkit is a simple light weight JavaScript framework to build high quality desktop and mobile applications.
Ext JS (commercial license)
Another MVC architecture JavaScript framework to build web application. it provide many interactive features.
qooxdoo – You can build websites. mobile application, single page web applications using qooxdoo.
Cappuccino – Better framework for Modern web development.
Scripty2 – Scripty2 is a flexible JavaScript framework which is helped to build delicious user interfaces.
AJS – Another lightweight JavaScript framework.
RightJS – Best JavaScript framework for web designer& front end developer. You can build visual effects, drag and drop functions, tool tips and Autocompleter using RightJS.
Durandal – MV architecture based SPA framework.
Glow – Apache licence. Glow provide simple DOM manipulation, animations, user interface widgets and event handling.
My Library – Another JavaScript library to build browser based applications.
DHTMLX -Rich JavaScript framework provide lot of UI components. Available for free and Pro editions.
Echo – Opensource JavaScript framework to develop rich web applications.
midorijs – Altra light weight framework. You can create pop up menus, auto complete & tabs selection using midori.
Raphaël – Best framework to create web graphics, animation & chart.
SproutCore – MVC framework. Provide build in tools to create great applications.
JavaScriptMVC – Provide collection of tools to build JavaScript applications. It is a best one for software engineers.
UIZE – UIZE provide templating system and code compression option to create better web application.
PureMVC – Easily create admin pages, Todo list with PureMVC.
Spine -Simple light weight framework to build JavaScript MVC applications.
ActiveJS – Another JavaScript application framework.
eyeballs.js -Build tidy web application using eyeballs.js (MVC framework).
Sammy.js – Small web framework which include plugins and adapter systems.
choco – Another delicious JavaScript framework.
Agility.js – You can write maintainable and reusable browser codes using Agility JS.
TrimJunction – Opensource junction framework. MVC framework.
CorMVC – jquery powered MVC framework.
Modernizr – Used to control HTML 5 and CSS3 features.
RequireJS – JavaScript file and modular loader.
CanJS – Better JavaScript framework to develop complex applications.
Maria – Another MVC framework.
Stapes.js – Micro MVC JavaScript framework.
Epitome -MVC (MVP) framework for moo tools.
somajs – Scalable JavaScript framework.
PlastronJS – MVC pattern framework for closure library and compiler.
<rAppid:js /> – MVC framework.
Serenade.js – Client side MVC JavaScript framework.
Kendo UI – Commercial framework. Kendo UI mostly used in mobile application development.
Zepto.js – Minimalist JavaScript library.
Server side JavaScript frameworks
Node.Js -Most famous server side JavaScript framework. Read Node.JS beginner tutorial for Window, Linux and Mac OS.
Helma -Server side framework to develop websites and internet applications.
Wankanda – Server side JavaScript API
spludo -High performance serer side open source MVC framework.
Ejscript -Another server side JavaScript web framework.
grasshopper – Featured MVC framework built on node.js.

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