Wamp – Localhost: 404 not found

I am installed new content management system like WordPress in my local Wamp server. The default website home page running correctly. But sum page urls showing “404 Not Found” error like this
Not Found
The requested URL /cms/test-page/ was not found on this server.
So how to solve this problem.
I suggested some methods to solve your problem. Try this solutions one by one.
Solution 1:

If you using Windows 7, click the “show hidden icons buttons” in taskbar right hand side. Left click WAMPSEVER icon.
Go to Apache > Apache modules >. Scroll down mosule list. Find “rewrite_module” and choose a tick mark. If you check this Wamp Server automatically restarted. Now check your problem is solved.
Solution 2:
Check your Wamp server icon in the task bar showing “green” or “yellow” color. If it show green color, everything ok. but if it show yellow color, you need to check all services are running correctly.
Click Start button in your Windows OS. Type services.msc and press enter button. Its open Services popup window. Scroll down and find wampmysqld andwampapache services. If it status showing “started”, everything ok. But its not show any status, right click and choose start option.

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