Web Design Software for Non-Programmers

Web Design Software are very useful to make own attractive websites. Most free and premium website templates are available online. But if you need your website with out own creation, web design software are better to do this thing. But if you does not know any coding knowledge in web design use this software to make website. I am already provide HTML 5 Supported web design software list. Here i am list SEO focused user friendly web designing software.
Best Web Designing Software
Adobe Muse CC
Adobe Muse is a HTML5 and CSS3 supported Web designing software to create modern standard websites without writing code. You can create interactive web pages, forms, slide shows and more using muse. Adobe Muse offer drag and drop option to add custom navigation, contact forms and more.
Serif WebPlus X6
WebPlus X6 is a best software to create SEO friendly websites with drag and drop way. Its offer option to add custom PayPal buttons, favicon, icons, Facebook and Twitter feed, Social sharing buttons. WebPlus created based on SEO friendly website creation.
You can add your website titles, keywords, meta description,SEO friendly url structure, xml sitemap, Google analytics code, custom HTML code, Google AdSense code, Google Web master tool verification and Bing web master tool verification code using WebPlus.
WebEasy Professional 9
WebEasy Professional also offer tools to create SEO friendly web design with title,keywords, image alt tags. WebEasy provide most valuable features such as spell checker, Social media integration, Add Google maps, YouTube streaming videos, E-Commerce tools to build web store. This is the best tool for non-programmers.
Artisteer offer option to build Content Management System (CMS) based website templates. Artisteer is a best software to create WordPress themes, Joomla templates, Drupal themes and Blogger templates.
Xara Web Designer
If you already know Photoshop like software, Xara Web designer is a best choice for you. Xara Web designer have a user interface like Photoshop. You can include text, videos, music, PDFs, photos, pop-up and mouseover inside web page. Xara Web designer also offer tools to edit Photos. It provide W3C compliant, mobile device friendly and cross browser compatible webpages,
Website X5
Website X5 is a another tool to create websites, blogs and online stores without programming skills. Website X5 support HTML 5 and CSS 3. So you can create tablet and smart phone optimized websites. Website X5 is the best choice to create Multi-language SEO friendly sites, blogs and online stores.
Best Web Designing Software for Mac
Freeway Express and Pro versions Softpress offer two different version of web designing software for Mac OS. This software provide features such as

  • Internal and external style sheet,
  • Build in quick preview,
  • HTMl5 or XHTML,
  • Image optimization
  • Flexible CSS layouts
  • HTML5 sematic elements
  • Multi browser capatibility
  • Third party plugins support
  • HTML 5 video and audio
  • Blogger template
  • Mobile redirects
  • E-Commerce site design
  • Meta tags
  • XML sitemap generation
  • PayPal buy now and Donate buttons

RapidWeaver 5
RapidWeaver is another Mac platform based web designing software. Rapidwaver provide easy publishing options to upload website using FTP and SETP. Its offer many Addons to make website much better.
User comment:-
We’d like to respectfully add openElement to your great list!
Using our intuitive interface, users can drag-and-drop any element on a page (photos, text, videos, maps, analytics, Paypal. social media buttons, and many more). Our unique unherited layers system lets users to re-use elements and layout on multiple pages. Users can also enter custom code and CSS properties. All generated code is W3C compliant and cross-browser compatible! Our latest version includes database support for dynamic elements (signup/login, protected pages, and dynamic db listing).
And SEO has never been easier! openElement provides access to metadata, .htaccess, xml sitemap, robots.txt, and favicon.
The software is free and regularly updated by our awesome development team.

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