Xerox Workcentre Default Password For Reset

Learn how to reset the default password for Xerox work centre.
Reset Admin Password on Xerox Work Centre 7830
1.Click on the Machine Status button, then Tools tab.

  1. 2.Choose the General feature and next Feature Installation.
  2. 3.To reset the Administrator credentials for default values, enter the Feature key on the Feature Key screen.

Reset Password on Xerox Workcentre 5225
If you lost a password and try to reset a password you can enter in a “debug” mode. Hold down the 0 button on the control panel for about 5 seconds and at the same time tab on the start button. The default is “6789”.
Steps to change the username/password in a debug mode:

  1. 1.Click the <Machine Status> button on the Control Panel.
  2. 2.Click the Tools tab.
  3. 3.From the Tools screen, click the [Authentication/Security] settings.
  4. 4.Click [System Administrator Settings].
  5. 5.Click [System Administrator’s Login ID).
  6. 6.Select [Keyboard] from the System Administrator’s Login ID screen.
  7. 7.Type username for the login ID and select Save.
  8. 8. Select [Keyboard] from the Retype line.
  9. 9.Enter the same Login ID and select [Save] twice.
  10. 10.If you want to change System Administrator’s Login id select Yes.
  11. 11.Click [System Administrator’s Passcode].
  12. 12.Select [Keyboard], on the Passcode screen.
  13. 13.Type the new password and select Save.
  14. Reset Password on Xerox Workcentre 3220
  15. reset xerox workcentre 3220
  16. Try with the default username and password.
  17. User – admin.
  18. Pass – 111.
  19. Tap on Menu until “System Setup” appears on the bottom line of the display and click OK.
  20. Click the left/right arrow until “Clear Settings” appears and click ok.
  21. Click the left/right arrows until “All” appears and press OK to confirm.

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