4 Sites to Download Bootstrap themes, plugins, snippets

These 4 sites offer free Bootstrap themes, snippets and extensions.

1. getbootstrap.com

Bootstrap official website to download bootstrap framework, tutorials and jquery plugins. You can download your own customized version of Bootstrap.

2. Bootsnipp

Bootsnipp is a twitter bootstrap based web directory which contain HTML snippets for Bootstrap, Resourse list (templates, Icon fonts, Date and Range pickers, Model and JavaScript extensions, prototyping apps and forms).
Also it provide

You can also submit you own twitter bootstrap resources here.

3. Kickstrap

Kickstrap provide collection of app ( JavaScript libraries), themes and UI components for Bootstrap.

4. Bootswatch

Bootswatch is a best source to download new bootstrap themes. It provide open source theme file (.css). So download a CSS file and replace the one in Bootstrap.

LayoutIt – Bootstrap 3 interface builder.

I see that there are many options to work with bootstrap
and you can add bootdey
Bootdey is a gallery of free bootstrap snippets