How to Increase OneDrive Upload Speed

Lot of OneDrive (SkyDrive) users reported this issue. OneDrive upload speed extremely slow. But you can increase OnDrive upload speed with some settings. Increase or decrease OneDrive Upload Speed (Windows) Right click OneDrive icon in the notification area on the taskbar (right side) -You may need to choose Show hidden icons to view all icons. Click Settings…Read More

Cannot login MyBB forum

Every webmaster who use MyBB forum, face login problem in their beginning stage. This problem created based on cookie path and cookie domain. Solution Go to your website hosting folder. Find Open setting.php file using any code editer. Find $settings[‘cookiedomain’] = “..yoursitename”; $settings[‘cookiepath’] = “/”; MyBB suggest to set Cookie domain is blank and…Read More

How to Create Sticky header, footer and sidebar using ScrolltoFixed

Website navigation is one of the most important thing in web design. Because navigation increase number of clicks to the particular post, ads and social sharing in whole website. Sticky header, footer and sidebar are very useful to increase navigation experience. You can simply create sticky (fixed) header, footer and sidebar using jQuery Plugins. Demo…Read More