Download iOS 8.3 Final For iPhone, iPad, iPod

Apple relesead new iOS update named iOS 8.3 for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV.

Download and install iOS 8.3 .ipsw firmware file on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.’

iOS 8.3 for iPad 

iOS 8.3 for iPhone:

iOS 8.3 for iPod touch:

Download iOS 8.2 IPSW for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Apple released iOS 8.2 update for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. It will have lot of bug fixes for you iOS device. So download and install .ipsw file.

Download iOS 8.2 update for iPhone

download iOS 8.2

Download iOS 8.2 update for iPad

Download iOS 8.2 for iPod

Release Notes :-

How to Fix: Restricted access changed error on Android

Recently lot of Android users (Nexus 4,5 , HTC ONE, Moto X, Moto G, LG G2, LG G3 ) getting error message like “Restricted access changed. Data service is blocked” error message.

After this message appears, the network signals disappears. Then users need to reboot their smartphone to get the signal back on.

Restricted access changed

Reason for this issue?

This problem happened because of the particular app.

Fix 1:- Use your mobile in Safe mode

Boot your smart phone in safe mode. It will disable all 3rd party apps except default apps. Useyour phone in safe mode at least 24 hours.

You can put Nexus 5 phone in safe mode using the following method.

  • Long press “power” button
  • Long press power off button. It will popup a message about Reboot in safe mode. Click OKReboot to safe mode
  • Now your mobile will work in safe mode. If you want to revert it again, just restart.

Fix 2:- (If you still getting error in Safe mode)

If you still getting “Restricted access changed. Data service is blocked” error in Safe mode, that mean this issue happened because of the 3rd part app.

In fact, this issue happened because of the default app update in Nexus 5.

In Nexus 5, navigate to Settings -> App. Visit each default app and choose “Uninstall updates” option.

Uninstall Google services apps updates like Google map, Google play store, Hangout, ,

Fix 3:-

If none of the solution worked, restore your phone to factory settings.

Other fixes:-

  • Go to Settings -> Apps-> Running. Stop the services and cached process.
  • Remove the SIM. Then re-insert again.

If you find solution for this error or similar errors like “Restricted Access Changed. Emergency service is blocked”, “Restricted access changed. Voice service is blocked, do let us via comment.

6 Pingoat Alternatives – Best blog and Ping tools

Pingoat is gone. So you can use Pingoat alternatives to ping your blog to Google blog search, feed burner like search engines. Index your website very fast in search engines.

1. PingOMatic – Best alternative for Pingoat.

2. Autopinger -It has simple easy to use user interface.

3. – it update your site to blog search engines, blog directories.

4. Feed Shark – Free online tool to promote your site.

5. Google blog search ping – Ping blog and XML sitemap.

6. Total ping – You can index your site to international services.

If you knew any other ping tools, do let us via comment.

How to fix Bluestacks black screen after initializing

Lot of users reported Bluestacks black screen issue. Mostly they getting this screen issue after playing clash of clans game. This issue mostly happened because of the app or your computer graphics card.

5 ways you can fix the Bluestacks black screen

Bluestacks black screen

Fix 1:-

Install the settings app from Google play store. Then change the display sleep settings to 30 minutes.

Fix 2:-

Quit/Close Bluestacks app on your Taskbar then right click on Bluestack app and run it with integrated GPU (intel graphics).

Fix 3:- (Remove or re-install other app that make this issue)

This problem mostly happened because of the particular app. So restart bluestacks and try to run other apps (one by one). If if the particular app is running, that means your previous app has issue. So reinstall that application to fix the issue.

Fix 4:- (Change graphics card settings)

This issue might happened because of your computer graphics card like Intel graphics or Nvidia.

  1. Open Nvidia graphics card settings.
  2. Turn off “Threaded Optimization” option via Manage 3D Settings -> Program Settings -> Add Buttons -> Add Bluestacks Frontend.
  3. Then restart Bluestack app.

Fix 5:- (Update graphics card driver software)

Go to your graphics card official website. Download and install latest version of driver. Then restart your Windows 8, windows 7 PC or Mac. Your problem might fixed.

If you can’t fix bluestacks wont get past initializing issue, do let us via comment.

How to Fix "iTunes Waiting for Changes to be Applied" error

Try the following solutions to fix “waiting for change to be applied” error. Do the each solution one by one and check if the “waiting for change to be applied” error is gone or not.

  1. Disable “Find my iPhone” feature in your iPhone.
  2. Uncheck “Sync Music in iTunes” option. Delete all music. Then re-check “Sync Music in iTunes” option again.
  3. Turn off “Sync music”.  In your iphone or iPad go to Usage -> Manage storage and delete music.
  4. Delete all non-music files from iTunes music folder.
  5. In iTunes un-check “Sync Music”. Delete all music using General -> Usage -> Manage Storage. Then re-check “sync Music” option again. In iTunes summary tab, select “Sync only checked songs and videos” & “Manually manage music and videos ” options.
  6. Drag and drop playlist in your iPhone.
  7. Unplug the USB cable when you get stuck on “Waiting for changes to be applied” message. Then replug it again.
  8. In iTunes summary tab, select  Manually manage videos” option. So you can manually able to add music to iPhone.
  9. In your iPhone iTunes app, go to General > iTunes WiFi Sync and choose “Sync now” option.

iTunes Waiting for changes to be applied, fix

Recently i faced this issue when i try to syn music from iTunes library to  my iPhone 5s. In Apple support communities, lot of users reported the same issue. They getting music sync issue with their devices like iPhone 6, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod touch 5G.

Fix 1:- (Disable Find my iPhone)

Go to iPhone iCloud settings and disable “Find my iPhone”.

Fix 2:- 

  • First copy all your music to the following folder: “Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music”.
  • Uncheck “Sync Music in iTunes” option. iTunes will ask you to delete all existing music on your device. Select OK and click Apply.
  • Again check “Sync Music in iTunes” option and then click “Apply”.

If this method does not work turn off  “Convert higher bitrate songs to 128kbps”.

Fix 3:- (Delete Music)

First turn off “Sync music”. Go to Usage -> Manage storage in iOS device and delete music.

Fix 4:- (Delete Non-music files)

  • First backup your device using iTunes or iCloud.
  • Navigate to iTunes Music folder and delete all non-music files.
  • Restore your iPhone from backup. Then re-add all music again.

Fix 5:-

  • In iTunes uncheck “Sync Music” option.
  • Navigate to General -> Usage -> Manage Storage. Delete all music. Now recheck “sync Music” option again.
  • Go to iTunes summary tab and select the following options :“Sync only checked songs and videos”, “Manually manage music and videos”.
  • Try to Sync again.

Fix 6:-

  1. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod, reset network settings via Settings -> General -> Reset Network Settings.
  2. Choose “Trust this computer”.
  3. Go to iTune summary tab and choose the box next to “manually manage music and videos.”
  4. Then try to sync.

Other Fixes:-

  • Drag and drop playlist in your iPad or iPhone.
  • Connect your iOS device to computer via USB cable. When Sync stuck with “Waiting for changes to be applied” message, unplug it and plug it again. The music sync will continue where it stopped.

How to fix OS X Yosemite sound not working issue on Mac

After upgrading OS X yosemite, Mac users reported lot of issues.

  • Mac users get popping noise when playing audio or video,
  • No sound in Safari and other browsers when playing videos
  • Can’t adjust volume for speakers.

Fix 1:-

Launch Terminal and type the following command.

 sudo killall coreaudiod

Fix 2: Change the output source

OS X Yosemite upgrade process change the sound output source from default to installed HDMI display speakers.but Mac does not have any control to this speakers. So this issue might happened. If  you attached any external speakers source, Mac wants to make that output device.

Navigate to System Preferences  -> Sound and change the output device to Internal speakers


Fix 3: Change Os X Yosemite System Preferences

Navigate to System Preferences -> Sound. Then select the “Play Feedback when volume is changed” check box.



Fix 4:- Change the system preferences again

Navigate to System Preferences-> sound  and make the tick on “Show volume in menu bar”.

Fix 5:- Change the audio port settings

If you are already using HDMI external display with sound, navigate to System Preferences ->sound and change from HDMI to Headphone port. Because some Mac users thought HDMI sound devices no longer controllable on OS X.

Fix 6:- Reset Pram

  1. Shout down your Mac
  2. First find Option key, Command (⌘), P, and R keys in your keyboard.
  3. Then turn on your computer.
  4. Now hold Option+Command+P+R keys combination before the gray screen appears. Continue to holding these keys down until Mac restarts and the startup sound for the second time, then release those keys.

Restart your Apple Machine

Restart your  computer (iMac, MacBook Air or Macbook Pro).

Download Books to Kindle Fire (How to Guide)

After you get your Amazon Kindle Fire device, you want to download books to kindle fire. You can download books to Kindle Fire hd from Amazon store or third party websites.

Devices: Kindle fire,  Kindle fire hdx, Kindle paperwhite

Purchase and download book from Amazon website

Go to Amazon Kindle e-book store.

Select a Book you want to buy like kids book. Then set it to “Deliver your kindle” option.

Now choose “Buy now” button.

Note : If you down’t have any money and want free amazon Kindle books, visit free classic kindle books page.

Download Kindle Books from Third-party sites

Amazon Kindle book device can read any PDF, MOBI, .txt or PRC file format books. So download these books from any third party websites. Use Kindle Document app to read this kind of books.

  • etc.

Download previously purchased books from Amazon (using your device)

In kindle Home screen, select “Books”.

Now choose “Cloud”. Tap the particular book you want to download. After your downloaded that book, it will avilable under “Device” section.

Download previously purchased books from Amazon (using Amazon website)

Open your web browser like Chrome or safari and login to your Amazon user account.

Then select your Account link.

Click “Mange Your Content and Devices” option.

Select “Actions” button (Its available next to book).

Now choose “Deliver” option.

If you knew any other good third party websites to download Kindle fire books, do let us via comment.

Nginx : clear cache

I am using Nginx as a front server. Yesterday i edited some CSS files. But Nginx still serving old one. I am running Nginx in virtual-box. My friend suggested some solutions to clear Nginx cache.

If you are using virtualbox/vargant vm, this solution might solve your issue.

How to clear Nginx cache

Solution 1:-

sendfile might set to on in nginx.conf

Turned it off.

Solution 2:-

Remove all files from the cache directory.

find /path/to/your/cache -type f -delete

Solution 3:-

You can delete specific file cache. Search specific file:

grep -lr '' /var/nginx/cache/*

and deleted that one file.

Note : Append $ to the search term to get the exact hit.

Ex: grep -lr '$' /var/nginx/cache/*

Other solutions :-

  • Delete cache directory: var/cache/nginx
  • Turn on Gzip for these file types.
  • Clear the browser cache by header input.
    expires modified +90d;